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I love Valentine’s Day.  I am a fan of all holidays.  Another day to spoil my husband and kids and tell them how much I love them, is another day to celebrate in my book.  Secretly I look forward to going out with my hubby too!  We don’t get too many date nights, and Valentine’s Day usually gives us a reason to splurge and go out.  Last year, we went out for Valentine’s Day and our next night out wasn’t until our anniversary in June!  So I definitely look forward to cupid signaling the time for Valentine’s Day.

Since our date nights don’t happen as frequently as I would like, due to no babysitter, too expensive and busy schedules; my husband and I find ourselves having date nights at home.  It is less expensive or down right free and it can be just as romantic.  Here are some of our favorite stay at home dates:

 Wine and Cheese.  Some of the simplest things can be the most romantic.  Pick up some great cheeses, crackers, grapes, strawberries, and a good bottle of wine, and you have yourself a date at home!  This is a time to try some adventurous cheeses such as cranberry cheddar, smoked gouda, goat cheese or experiment with a new bottle of wine.  Trying new things with your spouse can be exciting and you don’t even have to leave your kitchen!
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Order in.  Can’t go out to your favorite restaurant for date night, get take out.  One of our favorite things to do as a whole family is to get Biaggi’s for supper and share it.  Taking all four of our kids to a fancy restaurant can be stressful, but when we are eating this wonderful food around our own dining room table all the stress goes away and we enjoy it and each other.

Eat by candlelight.  Do you know how  glamorous a table can look with candlesticks lit?  Every time I light candles, my children ask what’s the special occasion.  Make your husband’s favorite meal and light some candles.  You’ll be amazed at how that simple gesture can put you in the mood, even if your table is covered in plastic Toy Story cups.

Dance in the Living Room.  Don’t laugh, but this can be so fun.  Push the toys out of the way, find a nice slow dancing song on your iPod, and dance the night away in your living room.  It will be sure to bring back memories of your first dance as husband and wife.

Wait for the kids to go to bed.  This is one of my favorite things to do.  When it isn’t -20 outside, we tuck the kids in bed and then throw some steaks on the grill for just us.  It is such a pleasure to eat in relative silence and not having to cut up food and try to hold a conversation while the kids shout across the table.  I think that is what I enjoy going “out” so much, because my husband and I can talk and really hear each other.  In the commotion of day to day dinners and running to and fro basketball, a lot of our conversations go in short bursts while we are passing each other in the hallway.  Sitting down to a meal together is a luxury.

Get the kids involved.   Let the kids in on your plan for a “special” night.  Menu planning, table setting, there are many things they can do to create a romantic evening at home.  My son loves to play DJ and set the mood with dinner music.  My girls love to make the table pretty and come up with fancy touches to elevate our dining experience at home, aka cloth napkins.  It’s the little things.  Allow the kids to pick out a fancy dessert out of a cookbook and make creme brulee, parfait, or if you are really brave a souffle.  Take an ordinary night and make it extraordinary.

It doesn’t matter if you spend a fortune on a fancy dinner, romantic nights can be found right at home.   How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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Lynn is a Buckeye at heart, having moved to Iowa 11 years ago with her high school sweetheart, Nathan. In 2009 after many years of infertility, they adopted 3 little angels and became an instant family. Rosetta (11), Xavier (10), and Glorianna (9) were joined by a little bundle of wonder Lilyana 1 year later. Lynn is a stay at home mom and keeps busy helping with homework, chauffeuring kids to basketball practice, and volunteering. When she gets spare time she likes to craft, sew, read books, and journal. She journals on her own blog “A house full of insanity”. There she chronicles her life and the many things that she does every day.


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