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Did you know that May Day originated as a day to celebrate the first spring planting, the end of winter, and the return of the sun?

I had no idea! (and if you’re anything like my husband, you’ve never even heard of May Day celebrations)

The villagers would elect one of the young, eligible women as Queen of the May to rule the crops until harvest and an eligible bachelor as Robin Goodfellow who was the Lord of Misrule for this day of celebration.  The Maypole would be erected and the single men and women of the village would dance holding on to the ribbons until they became entwined with their (hopefully) new love.

I just always thought the baskets we made and delivered as kids were centered around the saying “April showers bring May flowers”.


I am going to show you some easy ways to make cute baskets to deliver to your family and friends using things you already have around your house.


  • construction paper or scrapbooking paper
  • used, clean containers
  • yarn or ribbon
  • hole punch (or anything to make a small hole in paper)
  • candies (or other treats you have around your house)
  • flowers
  • scissors

basket supplies

To make a basket, take any container you have sitting around or one that is ready to go to the recycle bin.  Make sure it is nice and clean, let your kids have fun decorating it, and then surprise someone with your beautiful creation.

Take a solo cup, punch a hole in each side towards the top and then string a ribbon through the holes to make the handle for the basket.  I gave each of my boys a cup and some foam flowers, bugs and birds and let them put whatever they wanted on their basket.  We then put tissue paper in the cups (they were pretty big) and finished filling them with some fun candies (we used flavored tootsie rolls and gummy worms).  We also put suckers into the center of the foam flowers to make a little bouquet.


When using real flowers, it is important to put them in a container that will not leak if you plan on putting them in water (which we did).  For this we used tin cans and even a mason jar we had sitting around.  We then decorated them with scrapbook paper and ribbon.  You can either tape the paper on or use hot glue (this depends on the age of your children).  For the handle you can tie ribbon around the container or if you have one available, drill holes in each side at the tops and then attach the ribbon.  I used both methods and they both seem to hold nicely.  Fill with your flowers of choice and water.  I even reused the raffia that was tied around the flowers.


One of the easiest ways to make a basket is to take a piece of construction paper or scrapbook paper and roll it into a cone shape.  Tape the edge so it keeps its shape and then using a hole punch make a hole towards the top and on each side to make the handle.  Use whatever ribbon or string you have handy and tie it through the holes.  Fill with whatever treats you would like and you’re done.


For our filler, we made candy coated popcorn. We then placed it in large plastic baggies (to keep it fresh) and then put those in the paper cones.  Walla, you’re done!

Candy coated popcorn:

  • air popped or microwave popcorn
  • white chocolate chips or candy melts in your choice of color (we had left over red and blue candy melts)
  • decorating candies if desired

Make your popcorn and place in a bowl big enough to mix it well.  Melt the chocolate chips or candy melts and pour over the popcorn.  Mix well.  You can sprinkle candies on the popcorn mixture to give it a little more pizazz.

Any of these “baskets” would make great gifts for other occasions such as

teacher appreciation

mother’s day

grandparents day

or just to display a bouquet in your own home 

As a bonus, when I was getting out Easter decorations I found these cute little containers.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them but now they will be going to the sitter’s to surprise a couple of little boys.  What kids don’t LOVE candy worms?


These baskets were so easy and fun to make! 

Can you imagine how a neighbor would feel if you delivered one of these to their doorstep?  They just may look the other way the next time your child wanders in to their yard to play or your dog leaves them a present they really don’t want.

Do you have any new neighbors in your area that you would like to welcome to the area?

How about an old friend that could use a visit and a fun surprise?


  1. This is great, Brandi! In our old neighborhood, one of our neighbors surprised us with a May Day basket – now you’re inspiring me to start the tradition in our neighborhood:)


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