keeping the romance alive after valentine’s day


Did anyone else celebrate Valentine’s Day with Netflix on Saturday night? It’s not the first year we’ve chosen relaxation over conquering the crowds on Febuary 14th, especially since we’ve had kids.

We actually haven’t totally abandoned romance since we became parents; we’re great about making time for date nights. We have noticed though, that we get in a rut sometimes. Pretty much every date night consists of dinner and a movie. We’ve realized we can upgrade the way we spend our time together when we put a little thought into it.

With the kids, we are seeking to embrace every season to maximize the magic of their childhood years. So in turn, we’ve decided to get more intentional about making special memories with each other, too. Makes sense, right? But it is so easy to forget how important it is to make our marriage a priority.

Here are some fun things we’ve done together, a few things we’d like to do and a few things that would totally stretch our comfort zones (let me know if you give them a try)!

fab local

Paddle Boarding. Did you know there are rentals at Flow SUP Co. or The H20 Generation Quad Cities? Of course, we have to wait for better weather to try this one, but it’s top on our list.

Laughing. We always have fun at Comedy Sportz , but would like to check out other local comedy shows like Penguin’s Comedy Club.

Biking. Before we had kids,  hitting the local trails was one of our favorite weekend activities. We’re ready to go as fast and far as we like again, without wearing out little legs.  Do you ever get an afternoon babysitter, so you can do something active with your husband? 

Mingling. One of the best things we’ve done as a couple lately is hanging out with other couples … when’s the last time you made time for that? Trust me: it’s worth it. 

Learning. Have you ever thought about taking a class together? Between photography or art at the Figge and cooking at Greatest Grains or Johnnie’s Italian Steakhouse, there are endless opportunities in our area. Check out community education courses at Scott Community College or Blackhawk College for more unique ideas. 

Dancing. If your hubby is a gamer, you could always take dance lessons at Fred Astaire or Arthur Murray – doesn’t that sound like a blast?

Jumping out of airplanes. Did you know there are sky diving opportunities in Geneseo? Let me know if you try this one, I don’t know if we’re ready;)

Relaxing at home. The good thing about living together is we don’t always have to go out to spend time together. Playing card games, making a bonfire in the backyard and getting intentional about watching thought provoking shows together are a few things we’ve done to enjoy time together without paying for a babysitter. 

Bowling (L.A. Style) Have you checked out the Blackhawk Bowl and Martini Lounge in the basement of the historic Blackhawk Hotel? It has a charming upscale atmosphere, we highly recommend it.


great mmmar

Hitting the town. There are many unique free events and festivals in the Quad Cities to check out throughout the year. As soon as the weather gets warmer, keep your eyes out for one you’ll like, this can be a pretty affordable date night.

Rocking out. Whether at the River Music Experience or the iWireless Center, there is usually live music to be found in the QCA. Personally, I can’t wait to see Siri’s band Soul Storm perform soon, there’s a lot happening in the local music scene.

Making a difference. What could be a better way of bonding with the love of your life than helping others together? King’s Harvest and Café on the Vine. are a few local charities that are always looking for helpers; there are many more in our active community.

River riding. It’s amazing how easy it is to forget we live near the gorgeous Mighty Miss. The Channel Cat and Celebration Belle are a few ways to experience it’s beauty.   Or, you can rent kayaks at Princeton Outdoor Adventures.

Theatre. Catch a live performance at Circa 21, the Adler Theatre, Augustana College, St. Ambrose theatre. or one of our other community theatres.

Horseback riding. There are plenty of local options for horseback riding – I know it’s something the kids would like too, but it could be great to explore as a couple. Has anyone tried this?

Realistically, we’ll probably only make time for a few of these throughout this year, but I still think it’s good to focus on all of our options, to make the most of our time and make some really great memories locally. 

What are YOUR favorite date night ideas? Have you done anything exciting lately? Please share, we’re all in this together.


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Nicky is an on-the-go mom of three spirited boys aged 8, 6 and 2. She's grateful to be married to her down-to-earth rock of a husband Larry, who supports her in taking care of the kids full time. She likes to look under the surface to the heart of what really matters in life and is passionate about the powerful role mothers play in families and communities. She's a firm believer that through God, all things are possible and is always looking for ways to make a positive impact on others, while putting her family first. She loves reading, nature and living a simple, centered life and blogs about faith here.


  1. I have a few date night ideas!
    1. Eldridge has a roller skating rink at the community center!
    2. Host a trivia night at your house. Have everybody bring appetizers and local brews.
    3. Blue Cat Brew Pub in Rock Island hosts “Beer Dinners” with limited seating, great food and fun way to meet other couples!


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