9Round is a specialized fitness center dedicated to serving clients who want a unique, fun, and proven workout that guarantees results. 9Round offers a kickboxing theme fitness program that incorporates functional, interval, cardiovascular, and circuit training regimens. The programs consist of a system of 9 challenging workout stations developed by a professional fighter.

Abbie: I started at 9Round in Bettendorf 4 months ago.  I’ve been a compulsive “worker-outer” for years. I’ve played college tennis, have raced in triathlons/road races, have been a slave to an elliptical machine, and have done multiple home exercise video series.  Working out is a hobby for me, but it also comes with a high burn-out factor (hence the frequent changes in forms of exercise!) and this fall I needed something new.  Having completed a half marathon, I was more than ready to hang up my running shoes (potentially forever) and went looking for a change.  I am a consistent 9rounder now and sense zero burn out in my future.  I go 3 times a week and lift weights 3 times a week at home.


Kimberly: I started working out at 9Round about a month ago after it was recommended to me by multiple family members and friends! I work out 3-5 times a week with Fit4Mom Quad Cities at Stroller Strides classes (with kiddos!) and/or the new Body Back program. This summer I started running 5ks and completed 8 races, including two courses with obstacles! I love taking my kiddos to our stroller workout classes and playgroups, but I was looking to add a high intensity, kid-free workout to keep me in shape this winter before I start running outside again this spring.


Below are just a few of the reasons we adore 9round.

  1. No class times!  30 minute workout!  At 9round, the workout starts when you start your first round.  Have 30 minutes to spare between preschool drop off and the obligatory grocery store run? That’s enough time to fit in a workout! Rough day at work and need to hammer out some aggression before putting on the sweet, calm “mom hat?”  Goodbye stress, hello rest of the day.  Need to escape between dinner and bedtime? You got it! No class times means that you can get a great workout whenever it works for you and your family!
  2. Personalized training. 9Round is staffed with 1-3 personal trainers (depending on the time of day) who lead you through 9 rounds of strength building, kick boxing, and core exercises. They provide you with tips on your form without disrupting your workout with constant commentary.  They are incredibly approachable, provide individual instruction before each round begins, and are very knowledgeable.
  3. Awesome stress relief. We all know that exercise is a great way to relieve stress, but this kickboxing-based workout is an added bonus.  Rounds 3-8 focus on kicking and punching. Whose face you choose to picture while you punch is entirely up to you!
  4. Friendly clientele. The first time you visit 9round, a trainer will walk you through proper technique and explain the various equipment.  Many 9rounders go through each round individually, but you can pair up with a friend and go through each round together if you want.  There are truly people there of all fitness levels and all are very encouraging.  It’s a lot of fun belonging to a little community!9round2
  5. Awesome for sleep. 60% of the reason I, Kimberly, work out is to sleep better at night, and after my workouts at 9Round my sleep has basically been like a coma.  You always leave 9round in a blissful state of both workout “high” and full body exhaustion.
  6. Full body workout – Rounds 1 and 2 focus on strength and stamina building, rounds 3-8 focus on building power, increasing hand-eye coordination/timing, improving shoulder conditioning, and speed, and round 9 focuses completely on the core.  An added bonus to the weight loss/strength building that naturally comes with this workout, is the total body confidence.  Once you learn to use your body to throw punches and kicks, it’s hard NOT to feel like a superhero.
  7. It’s always different! 9Round keeps the circuits fresh with a new workout every day, a new station every 3 minutes, and a different active rest move between each round.  There’s a new “challenge of the week” that is optional to participate in each week.  That burn out factor?  Not here.
  8. Workout with other moms! In addition to the two of us, there are tons of other local moms who work out at 9Round! There are women who work and women who stay home.  There are women and men of all ages.  You may be surprised who you see when you start going!
  9. Your first workout is free!  So what’s stopping you?  It truly is worth trying to see if it’s a good fit for you.  After you join, you can workout as many times per week as you want.  Twice a day?  Go you, supermom!  Some workout daily, some workout as a supplement to other workouts (running or strength training, etc), and some workout just once a week.  Our local 9Round is located in Bettendorf right next door to Dunn Brothers on Middle Road.  Check them out on Facebook (9Round Bettendorf), give them at call at 563-355-4600, or just stop in to try your free workout any time they are open!9round3

As you can see, we’ve found a great fit for us.  If you are nervous to try it, let one of us know and we can schedule to go together!  We would love to have other moms join us and start feeling as powerful as we do.

Quad City Moms Blog partnered with 9Round to put this post together. As part of the process, we received cash payment, a gift, or something else of value to write it.  All opinions expressed within are exclusively our own.


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