Looking for a new podcast to listen to while out for a run, cleaning the house, or unwinding at night? Here are my favorites for every mood.

podcast for every moodThe Best Podcast for…relating to other parents…

long short

The Longest Shortest Time was created by then-new-mom Hillary Frank with the goal of helping new parents not feel alone. First, it focused only on the tumultuous, precious, and fleeting days of early parenthood (hence the podcasts name.)

Hillary, a This American Life contributor and author, has since widened the breath to include stories from the entire first year of parenthood. The podcast’s scope has grown along with its audience, and now features stories about any and every aspect of parenthood. The shows are heartwarming, tragic, personal, unique, and eye-opening. My favorite episodes include Sixty-Five Women and a Baby, How Cute! Is He Yours?, The Missing Chapter to Ina May’s Guide and The Accidental Gay Parents.

… taking my mind off of parenthood…


Surprisingly Awesome is a podcast by Adam Davidson (NYT Magazine economics columnist and co-founder of NPR’s Planet Money) and Adam McKay (writer, director and producer of films including Anchorman and Talladega Nights). In this podcast, they reveal the “hidden awesomeness” in everyday things. Think concrete is boring? Wrong. In fact, it is the reason that civilization began. Want to learn about how Chumbawama’s Tubthumping (“I get knocked down, but I get up again…”) is actually a diatribe on capitalism? Trust me, you need to know. My favorite episode is their first, and it features the fascinating (really!) story of mold. Just try this podcast. As promised, it is surprisingly awesome.

…daydreaming about traveling…


Extra Pack of Peanuts is run by a husband and wife globetrotting team, Travis and Heather. Ever dream of selling your house, quitting you job, and traveling the world? Well this podcast might convince you to actually do that! At the very least, it will teach you how traveling can be accessible, affordable, and enjoyable (yes, even with kids in tow!). Their motto is “Travel More, Spend Less” and this podcast delivers useful advice on finding cheap plane tickets and apartment rentals (which they call “travel hacks”). Beyond that, I appreciate how they embrace the notion of traveling to experience other cultures, not just to “vacation.” My favorite episodes are “Travel Meltdowns”, “Home Exchange”, and any episode that starts with “The Best 20”.  Check out their “20 Best” experiences and meals podcasts if you really want to feel envious!

…bemoaning infertility…

bitter infertiles

The Bitter Infertiles is a podcast hosted by four women named Mo, Shelley, Jessica and Cristy who self-identify as bitter and infertile. I started listening to this show before I even knew what a podcast was.  Unfortunately this group no longer creates new episodes. However, if you or someone you love is infertile, I highly recommend that you head to the archives to binge-listen to all 20 episodes. The four show hosts have, combined, faced just about every infertility diagnosis and tragedy, from PCOS to failed treatments to repeat miscarriage to stillbirth. The women are honest and raw and hilarious and their guests added another depth of perspective as they talked about treatment, adoption, and living without living children. 

Honorable Mentions from my co-QCMB contributors:

In the mood for beautiful storytelling? StoryCorp features short stories recorded by real people.

Need training tips? Another Mother Runner features tons of running tips and funny stories from moms who are trying to fit health and wellness into their life as parents.

Breastfeeding or planning to try? Born to be Breastfed has helpful tips and expert advice.

Are you a lifelong learner? TED Radio Hour features one broad topic per episode and incorporates different TED talk experts to enlighten you.

Is Christian inspiration your thing? Try Going Beyond or The Happy Hour. For a Christian political discussion, try In the Market with Janet Parshall.

Happy Listening! Share your favorite podcasts below! 



  1. I’m loving geeking out on “Presidential” which features a different US President each week from Washington to now…totally engaging information about even the most boring, obscure Presidents (hello, Millard Fillmore!)

    “What Should I Read Next” with Anne Bogel interviews a different person each week to find out what they’re reading, their top three book recoomendatins, and what you should read next.

    For incredible, heart-warming and thought-provoking storytelling, I’m loving “Strangers” with Leah Thau. It’s all about the connections we make with strangers and finding out who you are. My favorites so far are “Two Men and a Baby” Part I and II and the series called “Elizabeth and Mary.”

    And for the best snarky commentary on The Bachelor franchise, “Here to Make Friends” is a delightfully funny take on these guilty pleasure shows. Makes you wish you could watch with them!…also in this genre is “Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown”…so. funny!


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