Summer is upon us and for some of you lucky moms, it has already started. For the rest of us school is almost out, and that means summer vacation can officially begin!

Last summer my family and I were in the trenches of welcoming our third baby home. We weren’t really up for a whole lot of adventure, if you know what I mean. This summer we’re much more adjusted and are ready to take on the warm weather with no school schedule.

We decided to make a bucket list. The idea of having a list of everything we hoped to do this summer excited me, after all, I love lists. (Even though I try not to keep them anymore.)

But I know how fall rolls around ridiculously fast and summer feels like it vanished into thin air. So this year, instead of letting it disappear, I want to be more intentional with our long, sunshine-filled days. I want to create memories with my kids, be present with them and just play and laugh more.

So I’ve decided to share a few of ours with you in case you decide you want to make a summer bucket list! And keep in mind that I’m also all about GRACE. My list is like a mile long, and I already know for a fact that my family won’t accomplish everything. But hey, at least we’re starting somewhere.



Swimming: (In addition to regular city pools we wanted to try some of these)


I’d love to hear what you would add for your summer bucket lists! Please share in the comments below!



  1. Jessi, a visit to Chicago should be on your bucket list??? We are only 2.25 hours away!!! Morton arboretum is so fun on a cool summer day. The city is amazing. You can visit me!!

  2. Thanks for the list! I would also suggest the Live @ 5 series by River Music Experience in Davenport. Every Friday there is a free live concert in the courtyard. We bring the kids and they play and dance on the side and we get to hear live music. I love the Movies in the park idea. I wasn’t aware Bettendorf had one. In which park is the movie playing?

  3. Kate, we love the RME and I always forget about the Live @ 5 series, so that’s a great suggestion! Bettendorf plays outdoors at Veterans Memorial Park.


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