When you give a mom a minute... (1)

If you give a mom a minute to relax

She will probably want to use the restroom alone

Once in the bathroom she will be reminded she needs to buy more toilet paper


When she realizes she needs toilet paper, she will pull out her phone to make a list

As she pulls out her phone to make a list, she will see the reminder that school pictures are tomorrow

Thinking about school pictures, she will remember she has to wash their clothes for their outfit

Washing their outfits will make her realize the laundry to be folded is overflowing in the laundry room


Sitting down on the couch to fold the clothes will signal to the kids that she is free and they will ask for a snack

snack color

Opening the pantry to get them a snack will remind her that she has not started the crockpot for dinner

Once she is done throwing everything into the crockpot, the kids will start complaining that they don’t like it

Hearing them complain will result in a conversation about being grateful for what you have,

Conducting that conversation will remind that mom how thankful she is for:
kids that need her,
a school that educates her littles,
the ability to buy clothes for her kids that need to be folded,
the means to have food to serve them and
the reminder that a day all too soon the day will come where the minutes to relax are many when the littles have grown, dinners are made only for two and the piles of clothes have gotten smaller.  

For many of us, our heads are spinning with to-do lists, meal planning, household chores and now we have to add in school projects too.  For just a moment, I am going to take a deep breath and remember two popular sayings:  “This too shall pass” and “The days may be long, but the years are short”.  

As the baby prepares to turn 1 this week and the other 2 are working their way through elementary, I am reminded that their independence is growing and the years are slipping away.  So today I will be thankful for a laundry room full of clothes, an interruption asking for a snack, the opportunity to sit and nurse the baby for a few more minutes, a reminder of all I am thankful for and the idea that soon enough I will once again have the opportunity to use the bathroom by myself.

Today if you give me a minute to myself, I will probably shed a tear, realizing time is moving way too fast…

Heather was born and raised in the Quad Cities and has been married to her “Gold’s Gym” crush since October of 2004. After battling infertility more than once, and experiencing a miscarriage she is now called mommy by 3 little miracles; Mia ('08), Roman ('10) and Vivian ('15). Heather has a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership and works part time as the Director of Human Resources. She is passionate about sharing her story in the hopes of reaching others and spends the rest of her “Free” time working out, playing games, going to church and carting 2 big kids to all their activities.


  1. What a wonderful reminder, Heather! (And I would guess that at the end of this, that mom will realize that she never did get to go to the bathroom alone. ;))

  2. I just read this post out loud to my mom, gave her a kiss and said thank you. I hadn’t done it in a while and I realize how important it was to her that I did it. So it’s fair enough that I thank you now for the post and for the inspiring blog. Thank you. 🙂


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