Do ever think that you’re taking “me” time but when the time is over you don’t feel refreshed, renewed or even re-energized?? Some days involve four separate timed school drop offs, heading off to a meeting and then on to job #2. After that I try to have lunch and then head to kid pick up. Then its homework, dinner and heading off to the gym to help or workout and after that-home to finally crash for the night.


At some point in a day like this, I do realize I need to take time and breathe but it usually ends in being more of a time suck than a breath of fresh air.

At job #2 as I’m walking to the next room to clean I scroll through my Facebook or Instagram feed, while I’m waiting for kids I’m playing candy crush or reading a book, unfortunately during homework I sometimes doze off and my kids have to wake me up to make sure I’m listening to them read and when I get to crash for the night I’m zoning out in front of the TV until I fall asleep. I’ve become an expert at escaping reality, checking out for a moment here and there, trying desperately to find a space to breathe and daily coming up empty.

This is not living. This is not thriving. This is not being present. This is not refreshing.

Okay so what does refreshing look like? My mind instantly goes to the gorgeous sandy beaches of anywhere tropical and imagines living there indefinitely before my kid wakes me up telling me I wasn’t listening to his story. Okay, so tropical locations are refreshing, but not possible, so what is possible?

  • Instead of scrolling through social media-find a podcast! So many great ones are listed HERE
  • Instead of sitting in my van waiting for kids I’m taking a walk around the block and eventually(when I get the guts) I’m going to knock on another mom’s car window and introduce myself and invite her to walk with me.
  • Instead of zoning out in front of the TV every night I’m reading a book. Not my typical fiction book where I escape to the Amish world and Ella Mae Zook can’t find a husband so now she’s going to churn butter all her days. I’m finding a book where I have to learn and journal, not check out but to check IN and grow and be the person I’m meant to be.


  • Instead of thinking there’s no time or money to get away, make a way and GET. AWAY. Take at least one day, not at home or in town and as a family or with a friend do something fun.
    PicMonkey Collage5

I’ve checked out for too long, thrown into survival mode I forgot how to thrive.

I forgot that I’m meant for more than taxiing kids from here to there and literally just being a taxi driver, not Mom. I don’t want to have to tell my kids “I’m tired” all the time, I want them to see a mom who yes, works hard, but that takes care of herself so she can be whole and present. Take a step back to evaluate your busy day and see where you can make some changes that will refresh your mind and your soul.

What things do you do to refresh?


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