It’s sad, but true. The older my kids get, the more I find myself sitting in the van. I’m not just referring to the time I spend chauffeuring three girls around the Quad Cities for volleyball, softball, piano, gymnastics, band and basketball. No, I’m talking about the time I spend sitting and waiting.

I’m not a fan of waiting. It’s an unproductive waste of time.

But over the years I’ve learned to adapt. Mostly, I’ve learned new ways to multitask. Today I’m kind of amazed at the number of things I can accomplish while sitting in the van.

I’d like to share my tried and true list of ways you can be productive – or at least entertained – while waiting in the car for your little superstar. (A special thanks to several of my friends for adding their ideas to this list!)

Some of these may be common sense. Others might be new ideas you’ve never thought of before. Either way, I invite you to read the list and keep a tally of how many you’ve done. Afterwards you can check your score to see if you’re a Master Multitasking Supermom!

Ready? Here we go!quiz-pic-1

Rehearse a conversation you haven’t had yet (aloud).
Call your mother or other friends to catch up.
Check and respond to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Misc. Practical Tasks:
Clean out your purse.
Clean your van.
Organize your glove compartment.
Eat a meal.
Feed younger kids dinner.
Nurse your baby.
Balance your checkbook.
Pay bills.
Schedule doctor, dentist, orthodontist, hair, and other appointments.
Help younger kids with homework or practice flash cards.
Change a tire.
Pray for your kids, family and friends.
Work on a craft for vacation Bible school.
Sort the mail.
Fold laundry. (My friend with seven girls does this!)
Cut and sort box tops.
Cut out laminating (or other helpful tasks) for your child’s teacher.
Wrap birthday presents.
Sort and match the pile of socks you’ve been procrastinating.
Assemble Christmas ornaments (or other crafts) for your kid’s classroom party.
Change diapers.
Fold up loose shopping bags (Aldi?) and organize them.
Fill out birthday invitations or write thank-you notes.
Clip coupons.
Tidy up your cell phone. Delete old messages. Update contact list.

Beauty and Personal Hygiene:
Apply make-up.
Trim fingernails.
Paint fingernails.
Tweeze eyebrows and various other facial hairs.
Floss teeth.
Trim your toddler’s toenails.

Work / Career / Education:
Read and respond to emails.
Catch up on missed voice mails.
Depending on your occupation, design flyers, grade papers, write an article or blog …
Surf the internet to catch up on industry news.
Take an online class.

If possible, go for a walk. Take the dog along if you have one.
Squeeze! Your inner things, gluteus maximus, etc. Hold five seconds and release.
Kegels – Speaking of squeezing. Yep, I said it.
Arm curls. Bring a five-pound weight and go for it.quiz-collage

Plan your meals for the upcoming week.
Make a grocery list.
Plan birthday (and various other) parties.
Start a Christmas list.
Fill out a weekly planner.
Update your to-do list.
Plan vacations.
Brainstorm future blog post ideas
Look for new recipes

For yourself: Clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry (the possibilities are endless!)
For your family: Groceries (Did you know that Hy-Vee offers online grocery shopping?)
For others: Gifts for Christmas, birthday, anniversary …

Entertainment: (Instead of an inconvenience, think of it as ME time!)
Read a book.
Listen to audio books.
Listen to a podcast.
Take a nap.
Work on a Bible study.
Play Candy Crush or any other games on your phone.
Watch a movie or TV show.
Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest.
Work on an adult coloring book.
Write in a journal (Remember funny things your kids say!)
Eat an unhealthy snack that you don’t want to share with your kids.
Play cards or games with your littles.
Read a blog.
Close your eyes and enjoy the peace!

Scoring: 50 or More:
Congratulations. You are a Master Multitasking Mama! Now for heaven’s sake, take a break!

Between 21 and 49:
Good for you! I’d say you’re one of those Middle-of-the-Road Multitasking Mamas. Seems to me you have a nice balance in life.

20 or Less:
Way to go! (No moms are losers here at the Quad City Moms Blog). So what if you’re not a “master” at multitasking. No worries! Give yourself some extra points if you took this quiz while sitting in your van.

How did you measure up? Comment below and share your score. Also, did I forget anything? Tell me what tasks YOU have accomplished while waiting!



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