If there’s one thing I’m good at in parenthood, it’s showing my kids how much I love their daddy. I tell them every night before bed that I love their dad and there’s nothing he can do about it. 

I do this because as a kid, I was always afraid my parents would get divorced because they fought all the time. I longed for the security and stability that a healthy marriage would have provided for our family. All kids long for that. 

Because my parents and my husband’s parents got divorced, we’re extremely proactive about keeping our marriage healthy. And since we love travel, getting away together isn’t really a bummer. 😉

But it does take work and intentionality to fit it in with a busy life, as well as to get everything covered at home with the kids. 

I want to share five reasons why you should pull the trigger for a getaway with your love. 

1. It will renew your marriage. Good marriages don’t happen on accident or with good luck. They take work. They take sacrifice. And the work is worth it. 

There’s just something about getting out of the monotony and routine (and house with chores looming all around you) that helps you refresh. And let’s be honest, there’s something really sexy about a brand spanking clean hotel room with NO KIDS, a big comfy bed, and peace and quiet.

2. It will be good for your kids. They are going to be fine. In fact, they’ll probably have a total blast without you! It’s good for them to spend some time with other peeps. (Obviously people you trust.) They will learn new things, become more flexible, and spread their little wings! I’ve heard that your kids should ideally have five additional adult role models in their lives to go to with questions or for advice. There will come a day when we parents aren’t the coolest cats (in their opinions) and when that time comes, we will want them to have established relationships with other responsible adults. This is also good practice for when they will actually spread their wings and fly off to college (or kindergarten or wherever!!). 

3. It allows you to enlist your village. This one piggybacks on #2. We need people around us to help and support us, especially if anything were to ever happen to us. Your village can support you in ways that you need support! It’s healthy to ask for help. If you could grow in this area, read Kim’s amazing ode to a village post

4. You. Need. Rest. Moms do a lot. A LOT. (Y’all are nodding your heads right about now.) We do not rest enough, and rest is essential for a balanced, healthy life. Stepping away to rest will make us better moms. 

5. The time is now. Carpe diem. Not to be morbid, but tomorrow you and I are one day closer to the end of our lives on earth. Why would you wait? Today can be DAY ONE or you can say “one day…” until there are no more. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes. 

Okay, so you’re sold. Now it’s just a matter of where and when, right? I have some perfect ideas for you, QC mommies! Tried and true places that I would go back to in a heartbeat if a babysitter showed up on my door and sent me on my way. 

  1. CHI TOWN. AKA the windy city or FOODIE HEAVEN. The fifth largest city in the US is practically in our back hard people!! (2.5 hours away!) Eat dinner in the west loop. Or at Big Star (foodie tacos that will make you drool). Sleep at the London House hotel. Shop on Michigan Avenue. Eat Molly’s Cupcakes. Live it up in the city. 
  2. GALENA, IL. It’s cozy, romantic, and only an hour away. It feels to me like a little tiny slice of Europe. Great architecture, views, and everything is intimate. There’s a great shopping strip on the main drag, great coffee shops, and friendly people.
  3. QC GETAWAY! Did you know you can do a getaway in your very own city? Find a fancy hotel (I recommend Hotel Blackhawk), eat at a new restaurant (I recommend Trattoria Tiramisu, Crust, or Central Standard), and just be away. Sleep in. Veg. Do married people things. And if this takes the stress out of the getaway for you since you’re easily reached if anything goes awry at home, this is your perfect option. 
  4. MEXICO! Wanting to splurge? Call me a creepster, but I have been sniffing my clothes for the last two weeks. Why? Because we just got back from a kid free vacay to our favorite resort in Mexico (the Excellence in Riviera Maya. Sometimes I just need to inhale the beachy smell and pretend I’m back there, okay?? It. is. paradise. It’s all-inclusive, a quick 3 hour flight from Chicago and has incredible service/entertainment/food/weather/beaches. I tell you the resort we love only because Mexico resorts can be hit or miss. 😉 Be safe. Wear bug spray and fiesta the night away. 

On a budget? Have no fear. The QCMB has you covered. Here’s how to vacay on the cheap!

Where are your favorite getaway spots and what are you waiting for? 



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Olivia is a girl who loves Jesus, is head over heels about her hubby and is beyond thankful for her three miracle babies. Olivia also has lots of children in heaven as a result of recurrent miscarriages. She is passionate about bearing and sharing hope with those walking through the darkness of infertility and miscarriage, and is working on a book entitled "Bearing Hope: Navigating the Darkness of Waiting for a Child." She still can't believe how awesomely God brought Coleton into her family through adoption, and how He blessed them with Annabelle thirteen months later. Baby Calvin was born a couple years later. She teaches yoga, writes, and runs to keep her stress levels under control. On any given day, you might find her singing worship songs in the kitchen, sniffing essential oils, or curled up in the corner crying because mommying is hard. She relies on good friends, holy yoga and yummy food to keep her sane. Read more of her stuff at Liv Ryan.


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