Hi. My name is Olivia and I have a severe case of over committing.

They say if you want something to get done, ask the busiest person you know, because she will probably say yes.

A few weeks ago, I caught myself being snippy and impatient with my kids while I was “working” (slash doing ANYTHING on my computer). I run a couple businesses and had my hands in about 7 other projects or endeavors. It was too much.

I was:


Not present.


Overwhelmed and over committed.

Not being the hands-free mom I wanted to be.

BUT my heart was softening and changing toward my children, in the best way. I found myself wanting to be around them and wanting to read. Play. Slow down. Savor. Step back from the hustle.

Those are things that very much do not come naturally for me.

I decided that June would be our month for re-calibration.

I stepped out of leadership in a few different areas. I scaled back my businesses. I decided that quality time with my kids was more important than extra income, even if I loved it.

So with summer hitting, we are seeking to find our new rhythm and liturgy for life.

We are waking up slower and learning to say no to extra activities and commitments.

We are giggling and snuggling and building more forts. 

We are using our hot tub that once sat vacant (because it’s wet and messy and I always said no.) But, you guys, the hot tub is like Christmas morning to them! They adore it and it’s awesome therapy for our SPD kid. I’m tired of being a NO mom to my kids.

I’m becoming a YES mom.

 We’re making time for long books and worksheets and adventures.

We signed up for an unplugged family camp.

We might even make a summer bucket list.

It was time for a re-calibration, and summer came just in time. Plus, the babes are finally a little older (almost kindergarten!!!EEK!) and I find myself enjoying our adventures a little bit (maybe 1000x) more than I used to.

*If you have little tiny ones and life is hard, don’t listen to the people who say it doesn’t get easier. That is a lie. It gets SO. MUCH. EASIER. 

A new season can be the refresh that you need. What is your rhythm of life? Are you re-calibrating anything this summer?! What’s on your summer bucket list?!


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Olivia is a girl who loves Jesus, is head over heels about her hubby and is beyond thankful for her three miracle babies. Olivia also has lots of children in heaven as a result of recurrent miscarriages. She is passionate about bearing and sharing hope with those walking through the darkness of infertility and miscarriage, and is working on a book entitled "Bearing Hope: Navigating the Darkness of Waiting for a Child." She still can't believe how awesomely God brought Coleton into her family through adoption, and how He blessed them with Annabelle thirteen months later. Baby Calvin was born a couple years later. She teaches yoga, writes, and runs to keep her stress levels under control. On any given day, you might find her singing worship songs in the kitchen, sniffing essential oils, or curled up in the corner crying because mommying is hard. She relies on good friends, holy yoga and yummy food to keep her sane. Read more of her stuff at Liv Ryan.



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