Broken crayons still color-and they can easily become new and fun crayons! 

A few years ago I was a stay at home mom with babies at home and did very minor “crafty” type projects. My girls loved to make their own lip gloss and then we progressed to soaps and evnetually that all got tucked away in the depths of the closet.

I rarely throw things away (please read as oh she saves thing and not oh she sounds like a hoarder. Not a hoarder! Mostly not.…) I just find bins and store everything for later use. Fast forward 5 or so years – a few years adds up fast nowadays – and I was ready to get rid of the items my kids had outgrown. I found the soap molds and later, a million broken crayons. 

Every school year 4 kids needing crayons and at 25 cents a box everyone got crayons! Every END of school year they brought crayons home. Add in all the restaurant crayons from over the years and I couldn’t see tossing them to the trash, so we got (mildly) crafty. 

Here’s what you need: 

Plastic shaped molds : you can find these at craft stores, or even use the candy or jello molds at your grocery store. 

Crayons: lots- depending on how deep your molds are it can take as little as 3-5 same color crayons or larger molds 10-20 crayons 

Cans: you can use pop cans and cut the lids off, or soup cans and just wash and remove the labels 

Pot: a large stock pot that you can place a shallow amount of water and place the can inside 

Popsicle sticks: for as many colors as you have, this is for stirring the crayons as they melt 

Oven mitts: the cans get hot!


  1. Peel all the paper off the crayons. This is the worst. Tell your kids it’ll be fun and let them do the work, they actually might enjoy the process! Drink wine as needed. 
  2. Separate crayons into cans: especially while you’re peeling paper off or you’ll get to go back through and color to see if it’s purple or blue. 
  3. Place water in stock pot enough to cover the bottom 1/4 of the cans and turn the stove to medium heat. 
  4. Place can(s) in pot and have your popsicle sticks ready to stir. 
  5. Once the crayons are fully melted (about 5-10 minutes depending on how many crayons are in the can ) use the oven mitt and remove the can from the pot.
  6. Hold over the mold and pour desired amount. 

    7. Let set for 3hrs minimum, or until the crayon appears to be fully cooled and hardened.
    8.Turn the mold over placing hand or plate over the open mold and the crayons will easily fall right out.
    9.These are great fun for kids with new shapes and gives new life to broken crayons. Pair with a crayon box and coloring book and you have a super cute gift! 











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