You’re a mom. You’re tired. Here’s why. 

  1. Your kids get up before the crack of dawn.
  2. Your baby isn’t sleeping through the night.
  3. You stayed up too late reading because your book was just that good.
  4. You stayed up too late watching trashy TV.
  5. You stayed up too late looking at pictures of your kids to remind yourself how much you actually do love them even though they are crazy people sometimes.
  6.  You stayed up too late having sex. (hahaha! Who am I kidding?!)
  7. Ok, maybe you really did. (good for you!)
  8. A tiny human was staring at you until you woke up.
  9.  Teenagers.
  10. You forgot you had to make food for the next morning.
  11. Your kid forgot he needed a costume for the next morning.
  12. You just wanted some peace and quiet and night time is the only time you can get it.
  13. You’re nursing.
  14. Your baby thinks you’re an all night titty bar.
  15. You’re pregnant and you have to get up and pee several times in the night.
  16. All the knees and elbows inside of you.
  17. All the knees and elbows in your bed because you co-sleep.
  18. All the knees and elbows in your bed because you don’t co-sleep but your kid comes into bed with you anyway.
  19. You have a headache.
  20. You have a body. It’s ridiculous.
  21. You are too tired to sleep.
  22. Your child has an ear ache.
  23. Your brain won’t shut up.
  24. You forget to take your melatonin.
  25. Tomorrow is a super big day so of course you can’t sleep for no good reason.

Why are you tired?


  1. Somehow I missed this one.. Must have been too tired. This is hilarious – and true. You forgot sick kid, kid who thinks they are sick, and staying up worrying that kid is sick. And writing Moms Blog that you have procrastinated by reading other Moms’ Blogs.


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