Pink eye. I am sitting here with pink eye. A grown woman with pink eye. I am on day two of this bonkers quarantine and there is NO WORSE TORTURE FOR AN EXTROVERTED STAY AT HOME MOM. My last two texts to my husband have been “ughhhhhh” and “ahhhhhhh”, respectively. Quarantined within these walls like some Biblical leper, I am, however, SO STINKING GRATEFUL that a few months ago I began the KonMari tidying journey. When all you have to look at is your house but bonus you can’t actually clean or touch much because you’re still contagious, it makes you super duper grateful that it’s organized. 

Literally every time I walk into the room we’ve deemed the “library”, I smile like a doof. And I’ve walked in there a bunch the last 48 hours because I may or may not have straight paced in circles of boredom a few times. Every time I see the aerated shelves I grin like a kid at the circus.

So for the sake of your future inevitably quarantined self, take a dive into the KonMari tidying pool of awesomeness. For a detailed description of the KonMari method, check out my first post or her book.

Today, as my eloquent title implied, is all about tidying Books! This is my second installment of my before and after journey and I am pleased flabbergasted to share that the bookshelf looks exactly the same. After this phase of the tidying journey my husband said “Man, it is really nice to have all the books in one place and organized…you can actually SEE the furniture”. God love him. We had a lot of books. And in a LOT of places. Without further ado, check out our transformation!


While it is not an episode of hoarders, it does not spark joy either. Random decor that we didn’t use in other rooms, books falling over, and piles of junk make for a messy look. Imagine this type of book debacle in four other places of our home and you see the need for a major tidy. The KonMari way involved bringing every single book I owned into ONE place. This helps one see the full magnitude of possession. It actually makes it a LOT easier to purge! After compiling, I picked up EVERY SINGLE BOOK and held it in my hands. I thought about whether it brought me joy in the moment. 


We gave away/sold 134 books and kept 138! I LOVE reading but I’ve only re-read a handful of books I own. And only a few of my books carried serious emotional attachment. A few were required for future professional endeavors. The majority, however, were beautiful placeholders, shrines to literary prowess, and even odes to a time before kiddos when I had all the time to read all the things. For these reasons, I LOVED giving them away! If you wanna make a buck or two…or 1,000, I don’t know your book hoarding status… check out The Book Rack


Here’s our clean and tidy bookshelf with TINY LITTLE SUCCULENTS LIKE I’VE ALWAYS WANTED! I BET JOANNA GAINES HAS THE SAME ONES! Well, hers are probably real and didn’t come from the Target Dollar Spot buuuuuut she’d still give me a high five and we’d celebrate my mad skills with her homemade chai. I’ve left space on multiple shelves to add books as I acquire new favs. Additionally, I’ve intentionally left the two shelves above Squishy’s books empty. I think it makes a nice visual break between children’s books and adult books as well as creates an airy feeling. At least, it all sounds very interior design-y. All in all, true to the KonMari way, every single item on those shelves makes me super duper happy. 

Next up on the tidying agenda, my nemesis…PAPERS. This is where the rubber meets the road for the Konmari tidying philosophy. If you remember from my first post, she organizes by CATEGORY, not by location. Meaning, I do not organize the papers in my office, then my junk drawer, then my junk cabinet…etc. Nope! I gather them all at once and do one mega-tidy. It seems overwhelming but so did clothes and that worked wonders. Still haven’t missed one of the bagillion items that we passed along!

So wish me luck/caffeine and if I don’t respond to texts for a few days, please come check on me. I might be under a pile of receipts from 3 years ago.  




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