My carb cravings have an inverse relationship with temperature. As the temp drops and the frost develops, my desire for all things bread instantly spikes. At an alarming rate. “Comfort food” has a whole new meaning for me now. The reality is that even though I desperately want to swipe your PSL and run for the hills, I can’t. In this phase of my fertility journey, I’ve had to cut out most of my favorite winter-time go-to’s in order to reduce inflammation. It’s working but my taste buds are still not on board. Cravings be real still, yo’. So instead of being a crabby patty, I was determined this winter to find my own cozy, comforting foods that didn’t make my body spazz out. Surprisingly, they exist! So whether you’re trying to heal, lose weight, or just trying to avoid that 5thMexican pizza this week, check out these fantastic recipes from some of my favorite internet foodies.

All of the recipes are dairy free, wheat free, gluten free (minus the Spelt Bread) and only contain natural sources of sweetness. They are also easy enough that my little 4-year-old helps me make each one almost every time! 

Click on the name of each item to be directed to the recipe. Bon Appetit!

Homemade Granola: Easy winner! When tossed into a mason jar and tied with a ribbon, it makes a great little New Year’s gift too!


Spelt Bread: I am no bread connoisseur…Paul and Prue won’t be seeing me anytime soon…BUT even with my lack of skill, this bread is DELICIOUS! Because it is so dense and, er, healthy, it is best toasted and then, in my humble opinion, slathered with coconut spread and drizzled with honey. Guilt-free greatness.

Crockpot Lentil Detox Soup: OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS THIS IS SO GOOD! I make a pot and stick it in jars to eat throughout the week. I even freeze a large mason jar of it for when I need an easy, healthy, toasty-warm comfort meal in a pinch. For this recipe, I have to make a lot of modifications but I’m sure the original is bomb too. I use rutabaga instead of potato, red pepper instead of carrots, garlicky chives instead of garlic, and for the love of Pete, I buy pre-chopped and frozen organic butternut squash instead of *gasp* chopping it myself. 

Brendid Healthy Oatmeal Muffins: They’re so cute I could cry. I make a blueberry batch and toss em in a glass canister on our counter and munch on them literally every day. They’re the perfect afternoon “treat” for my kiddo when she understandably balks at a cold carrot stick. It is literally freezing outside, for goodness’ sake! IMPORTANT: I have found that oat flour works WAY better than oat bran and is about half the price. Comforting. After they’re done, top em with coconut spread. Pair immediately with a Hallmark movie.


3 Ingredient Almond Flour Cookies: These are a pretty basic recipe that can be “dressed” up however you like ’em. They’re such a fun recipe to do with kiddos and, since they are 3 ingredients, are a bazillion times less messy than traditional cookies. Beware of overbaking…it happens in a flash!

5 Ingredient Granola Bars: Okay, these are a bit of an unconventional comfort food because they aren’t necessarily warm. Since these are homemade, they keep best in the freezer. HOWEVER, I classify them as comfort food for two reasons: 1) I have zero guilt letting my kiddo eat 80 billion of these and 2) they are crazy easy and quick, leaving me more time for Great British Bake Off. 

What are your favorite comfort foods for winter?! 

Anyone else love baking with their littles?! Show us your little helpers!


Happy Cooking You Culinary Queens, 





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