What is the Enneagram?

Essentially, it’s a personality test. It’s more than that though, because “typing” yourself and others can help you to lead your very best life! Typing my children has assisted me incredibly in understanding why they react to things the way they do.
Each basic personality is your type. They are numbered 1-9. No one personality is better than another. You are born with a certain temperament, born with a dominant type and then your childhood and how you interact with the world molds you further. Your type does change the way you interact with the world.
If you have ever been around more than one child, I’m sure you’ve noticed that they are innately different. Even children growing up in the same household, or children born from the same womb at the same time will have distinctly different personalities. The Enneagram helps you help them to be their best self too.
What are the 9 types?

As there are websites, instagram feeds, podcasts, and entire books dedicated to this very topic, I encourage you to explore on your own. I’m going to just give you brief descriptions.

Type 1:

Rational, principled, self controlled, objective. Ones have the ability to see details, to stand for what is right and good. Ones enjoy organizing and creating order. They value integrity and responsibility.

Type 2:

Caring, generous, people pleasing, warm. Twos make it easy for others to connect with them. They generously give of themselves to others, and look for ways to help. Twos support other people and often give those they are around a confidence boost.

Type 3:

Excelling, driven, success oriented, energetic. Encouraging others to do well is a side effect of the Three’s high energy and enthusiasm. Threes are goal setters by nature and do all they can to achieve them. Resourcefully, threes know the best way to get things done.


Type 4:

Sensitive, expressive, dramatic, courageous. Fours recognize their own emotions and don’t discount the importance of emotions. Because of this, they connect to others on a deep level. Fours likely have a courageous heart to dive into difficult questions and can be highly creative and imaginative.


Type 5:

Perceptive, innovative, independent, insightful. Fives generally are unsentimental and protect their autonomy. They can approach topics unconventionally and want an unparalleled depth of knowledge in everything that interests them. Offing objective and in-depth observations, Fives hold complexity dear.

Type 6:

Committed, engaging, responsible, alert. Sixes are dutiful in care and service to others and causes. They courageously stand up for what they know to be right. Alert to risks, Sixes pay close attention to the world around them and stick to their commitments.

Type 7:

Spontaneous, fun-loving, optimistic, flexible. Sevens are pleasure seekers and look forward to and create an exciting future. They love new experiences and finding joy in the everyday. Savoring freedom, sevens like to keep their options open and are adaptable.

Type 8:

Self-confident, willful, assertive, independent. Confident and direct, Eights don’t necessarily shy away from conflict. They influence others in a take charge kind of way, and protect those they care about. Independent to a huge degree, Eights trust their own gut and move forward quickly.

Type 9:

Easygoing, agreeable, understanding, patient. Nines are innately able to find commonalities among different perspectives. Accepting people for who they are, nines are peaceful and easy to get along with. Nines trust the natural rhythm of life and see the full potential in others.

I want to know more! What next?

Obviously, there is so much more involved in who you are than I can summarize in one blog post. I’m curious, what’s your enneagram type? Which type is your partner or kids?

For more details, check out Instagram feeds of @enneagramandcoffee (and also a podcast) @myenneagramcoach @enneagramvibes.

Special thanks to https://www.integrative9.com/ and https://www.enneagraminstitute.com

The Road Back to You is an excellent book, and a podcast.


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