Our fourth annual Bloom event has come and gone. As always, it’s one of our favorite events of the entire year – and the largest, to boot. Over 200 moms joined us to celebrate motherhood.

In the Quad Cities, we host one of 40 Bloom events that happen across the country – and it was a huge success. Thanks to each of you who joined us this year. We worked so hard to make it our best ever!

(Thanks to Giraffe Photography for all the wonderful photos! Check them all out and tag yourself on Facebook.)

If you didn’t make it, here is what you missed.

We loved our hosts at the Family Museum – it was fun to see so many moms enjoying one of our favorite local spots after hours!

From the moment moms walked in the door, it was all about creating a VIP experience. Including over $2,500 in giveaways. (Over 40 moms went home with a giveaway worth $50 or more.)

Every single mom also went home with a jam-packed swag bag!

Moms enjoyed delicious food and drinks and there was plenty of time to connect and have fun with other moms and moms-to-be.

There was a wide variety of information for moms from local experts. 

And there were also plenty of opportunities to craft, shop, learn and be pampered. 

We are so grateful that we could be part of pampering new and expecting moms in this exciting way. 

Title Sponsor :: 

We are extremely thankful to our presenting sponsor, as it is their generosity and support that allows our events to take place!

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Thank you to each of our amazing Bloom sponsors!

Swag and Giveaway Sponsors :: 

Thank you to our awesome Bloom partners!


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