No Apology Needed!

“I’m sorry.”

These two words have been getting so much attention lately! From articles encouraging professional women to drop this phrase from their vocabulary to the title of Rachel Hollis’ book, the appropriate use of an apology is under scrutiny. When should we apologize? When should we not? And then there’s the whole discussion on HOW to apologize.

Breaking the Habit

Many of my colleagues are sharply aware that I am working to remove the apology reflex from my vernacular. And because I can’t ever undergo metamorphosis alone, I challenge the people I work with and mentor to do the same – by charging them one dollar for each instance. In fact, a former co-worker and good friend recently sent me a meme of a swear jar, it’s label replaced with “unnecessary apologies” or something of the like. I’m proud that I’m known for this effort and so glad we can all have fun with it.

What about Moms?

Last year, Kelly shared some things she’s not apologizing for any more on the blog. I’d like to propose one more personal instance where an apology isn’t needed. New moms especially – listen up!

If we are friends (or family) and it takes you a few minutes to reply to one of my texts, do NOT apologize! This has happened so many times recently and I just must give you a free pass! Several free passes! There is absolutely no reason to apologize to me if I text you and you’re:

  • Spending time with your kids
  • Talking to your spouse or partner
  • In the shower
  • At the beach or pool
  • Reading
  • Binging your favorite show or movie
  • Napping
  • Sleeping
  • Grocery shopping
  • Working
  • Enjoying ANY other activity or loved one’s company

No Apology Needed

Please let my text go ignored and soak up the kiddo snuggles, time with your spouse or partner, hot steam, sunshine, great book, good episode, zzz’s, time alone, professional challenge or whatever you need to fill your bucket! If it is a true and dire emergency, I will call you and leave a voicemail (remember those?). I promise no funny GIF from me is worth interrupting your family time/downtime/me time and no apology is necessary when we connect next.


Lastly, if you are friend or family and it takes me a little bit to get back to you, please understand that we are doing one of the wonderful activities listed above, appreciate your reaching out, and will get back to you as soon as we can. Sorry, not sorry.


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