Stop for 30: Quality Time with Your Child


We are all so busy. We have meals to cook, houses to clean, places to run our kids, and oh the never-ending to-do list! How many times have your kids asked you to sit down to play, bake cookies, or do a project with them? You said “yes, but later”, and later never came? Same here. I want quality time with my kids-it’s hard to make it happen.  My intentions are good, and still, “later” has happened more times than I care to admit.

Quality time with kids busy moms


I wanted to improve those relationships so much, I decided something had to change.  I wanted that quality time.  I decided to go big. I have four kids. At the time I made this decision, my youngest was under one.  I decided that each day, I was going to spend 30 minutes of uninterrupted quality time with each child!  (That’s two hours a day, of uninterrupted time.)This is where I went a little too big. I couldn’t keep up. 

I revised it and decided to spend 30 minutes of quality time with one child each day. We all did something together the fourth day. This was doable. It’s amazing what just 30 minutes of undivided attention can do for your child. Even if quality time isn’t your child’s specific love language, it will be well worth it to invest this time in your relationship.

I am currently doing this with three of my girls and shoot for one girl Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We opt for some sort of group things like a painting project, baking, or even just a walk for Thursday. Friday we try to do a bigger field trip like the apple orchard, bowling, swimming, or the zoo.



I am a stay-at-home homeschooling mom so I have more time with my kids during the day than if I worked and they were in school. If you’re a working mom with kids in school, this quality time idea could still work! Our sister site, Iowa City Moms, shares some great ideas specifically for crazy weeknights.

Maybe you let one kid stay up an extra 30 minutes one night and play a game with them. Assign each child a day. On their day, they get to help you in the kitchen, choose the show, stay up later, and go for a little walk with you.  

You could start smaller and do one kid per Saturday morning. Sometimes my husband takes our girls for little dates during the week. He wakes up early and they head to a coffee shop and get hot chocolate before he has to go to work. The girls LOVE this time. These simple deposits in their “love buckets” make a HUGE difference.

We have more ideas on how to fit that quality time into our busy lives in this past post.


How could you stop for 30 minutes of quality time in your life? You will be building lasting relationships.

Jessica Stortz is a wellness advocate and homeschooling mom to four girls. She loves helping moms live intentionally in life by maximizing their time, health, and finances. Jessica has over 13 years of education experience in both home and public school.

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