Joy Pockets:: The Podcast– Episode 2: Regarding Exercise —

Regarding exercise on our mother-daughter podcas,  you get very different perspectives! We delve into all the the ways we’ve tried (and failed) to incorporate exercise into our lives, and how we’re doing now. Every week on our podcast, we discuss inspiration, books we love reading, the ups and downs of our weeks, and of course, seeing the silver linings through it all.

Joy Pockets:: The Podcast- Episode 2: Regarding Exercise

Discussing life in a large busy family, mother and daughter duo Jessica and Aviana strive to savor silver linings. Aviana, a home educated teen cellist, and Jessica, home schooling mother of six and work-at-home owner of the Quad City Moms Blog, invite you join them on the couch, put your feet on the faded furniture, and listen in on their conversations.Experience the ups and downs of living life together from contrasting perspectives, the best and worst of teenager-ing and mothering, and most of all, searching out the pockets of joy which can always be found in the chaos.
Stuff we mentioned:
I want to be fit and feel good, I want to look at my body and be proud of it, but I have trouble prioritizing regular exercise.

Are you like me?

I don’t want to “get my body back” (I never lost it) or “get a beach body” (I have a body. When I’m on the beach, I have a beach body.)

I do want to feel capable and strong. I like it when I’m in shape and I can feel my muscles flex when I pick up a child. I love how much more energetic I feel as a whole when I’m exercising regularly. I also know how much exercise benefits the symptoms of depression I have. Depression also makes it super difficult to feel motivated to do any of it though.

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Pictured: Adrienne Anderson- Pre & Postnatal Fitness Instructor at SHINE yoga & bodyworks
Childbirth Educator at Little Lambs Birth Services
Les Mills Tone Instructor, BodyFlow Instructor, Personal Trainer at Two Rivers YMCA

No matter how lazy or busy I’m feeling, I absolutely recognize that working out is key to feeling positivity toward my body. 

I have trained myself to accept the body I have right now and to look in the mirror and think “I’m beautiful”. Even when my skin is vampire pale, when I’m covered with scabs from anxiety picking, when you can see the blue veins and the stretch marks, when my belly isn’t toned in the slightest, I can still look at my reflection and think “I’m beautiful.” 

Part of how I’ve done it is to follow fat accounts on Instagram. These women are incredible. They’re gorgeous. They’re sassy and sexy and redefining cultural norms. They’re fat. 

An aspect of how I’ve done it is to change what I think when I see that last sentence. It’s a descriptor, not a put down. It’s just a word.

It doesn’t define any of us.

Pictured Nina Little, a Pastor, Marriage Mentor, Fitness Instructor at QC All FIt and Singer.
 Working out and having babies and reminding myself how strong I am and how much my body has gone through in its years on Earth helps me remember my body is beautiful.

And also? I’m a work in progress. I find myself looking enviously at another woman because she wears a smaller size than I do. I notice that I did that. I become curious about why. What lies am I buying into that tell me a smaller size is somehow better?

“So many of us have been trained to see fitness and physical activity as a means for looking thin, sexy and toned, or  punishment for eating “bad” foods. When you’re working on positive body image, it can be tempting to opt out of fitness altogether in order to avoid falling into traps of disordered thinking and weight obsession.

However, forgetting about fitness does a HUGE disservice to not only our physical health, but also our body image. 

Tons of research, including our own, shows one of the best ways to improve your body image is through sports and exercise. 

Using your body and experiencing your capabilities can help shift you away from a focus on your looks — if you do it right!”

-from Beauty Redefined




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