Radiation Free Breast Cancer Detection: The thermogram


Dr. Nelson from Nelson Chiropractic and Dr. Miletich from Peace of Mind Thermography share what you need to know about getting a thermogram.  Thermography, a radiation-free screening procedure that uses heat detection to locate areas of temperature differences in the body, and is 97% accurate. It has been used for breast cancer detection for the last 63 years. It’s great for getting a baseline, and optimal to start before you’re old enough for mammograms.

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Thermography is a test  that uses a special camera to detect the heat that is coming off of your skin. This shows how the tissues beneath the skin are behaving. The heat patterns have meaning that doctors use to see how the blood is flowing in the body, and in this case, in the breast. There is NO breast compression like in a mammogram. It’s just like having a photo taken. Your images are compared to a healthy profile and analyzed by board certified doctors. There is no risk of injury or radiation. 

What to expect from the breast thermogram appoint


breast thermogram thermographyThe thermogram is done in our office in carefully monitored environment. Prior to having the thermogram you will be asked to sit on a stool partially disrobed Dr. Lynn Miletich pulls a curtain and never sees you while you wait for your skin to adjust to the temperature in the room. Your hair needs to be pulled up away from your neck to allow complete exposure of your forehead, neck, and upper chest. After about 15 minutes of letting your body temperature stabilize to the room temperature, Dr. Lynn will obtain images of your body and breasts, again completely painlessly and without seeing you naked. We expect your appointment should take about 30 minutes from start to finish.

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