A Guide to Minimalism for the Busy Mom


 Minimalism for the Busy Mom

Before kids I was pretty good about keeping tidy, and holding on only to what I really needed and storing away only a few sentimental items. Then I became a mother and along with my mama bear instinct came the impulse to keep everything

Oh look… their first shoes… their first teddy,.. that blanket they loved,… a gajillion drawings and love letters to mom,… and the list goes on. 

Suddenly my sentimental side was in overload. But it didn’t stop there.

Because I was so exhausted from simply being a mom I didn’t realize how quickly I was accumulating stuff. Our once beautiful basement became a holding cell to storage bins filled with stuff we might need that I bought ahead of time on super discount sale (I love a good bargain), stuff we once needed and I convinced myself we’d need it again someday, and other random “stuff.”

It seems like Motherhood had made it harder for me to cut back on the clutter. Maybe this is you too. In fact, I’m assuming if you’re reading this article it’s because you too want to be a good role model, but somehow with a growing family you’ve accumulated more possessions and are ready to purge.tidy living room guide to minimalism for the busy mom

The benefits of minimalism

While minimalism is likely to help you save money, there are other benefits that may be even more important. You’ll have fewer distractions and more time and energy to devote to your family.

You can enjoy the advantages of a simpler life whatever your circumstances and philosophy. Maybe you’re simplifying because like myself, you just want to lighten the atmosphere in your home. Or maybe you’re under pressure from financial setbacks. Or maybe you need to clear the clutter because you’re moving.

Whatever your reason is for minimalism, consider these principles and strategies to become a minimalist mother.minimalism for the busy mom

Tips for Minimalism for the Busy Mom

  1. Slow down. Calm your mind and clarify your thinking by resisting the urge to rush. You’ll feel more creative, and you’ll accomplish more with less effort.

  2. Appreciate boredom. Give your children the opportunity to become bored. Modern life makes it easy to go through the day being passively entertained. When they’re forced to rely on their own resources, your children will discover the power of their imagination and the benefits of unstructured play. Minimalism for the busy mom is good for kids too.

  3. Connect with nature. The beauty and peace of green spaces enhances our mental and physical health. Take your children for a walk through the park, an impromptu nature walk, or out for a bike ride. Visit forests, oceans or national parks when you vacation. The smallest outing into nature helps the busiest mom feel minimalist.

  4. Avoid comparisons. Watching celebrity couples with full-time nannies or reading “Super Mom” blogs can make anyone doubt their parenting skills – trust me, been there. Set your own standards and work at being the best version of you. This paves the way to bring minimalism for the busy mom into your life!

  5. Network with other parents. Make friends with other parents in your neighborhood. You can exchange advice as well as outgrown clothing and toys. Surround yourself with positive people who lift you up instead of drag you down.

  6. Manage stress. Show your children how to set aside time for reflection and relaxation. Try meditating briefly or taking a few deep breaths. If you need to, set a timer as a reminder.

Join me in the next article here on the Quad City Moms Blog as I dive deeper into minimalism with Specific Strategies for a Minimalist Mom Life.

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