My Family of Four is Just Perfect!


My family of four is just perfect

Every family is ‘perfect”

To begin, I must mention that any family is perfect – an ‘only’ child as I grew up, to 10 siblings, which is the way a friend of mine was raised. But my husband and I were blessed to be parents of two, so for us, our family of four is perfect. There are many factors that lead to family size – for us, we married in our young thirties and were blessed with 2 children by the time I turned 40.

Four fit in one tent!

Four always worked great for our epic family camping trips too – we all fit in one tent! There was always one kid to wash the camp dishes and one to dry – and yes, they always volunteered to wash dishes at camp – never at home though – it must be more fun to do dishes outdoors! On another camping adventure we discovered that four – with arms stretched out – fit halfway around the circumference of a Giant Sequoia tree in King’s Canyon National Park – perfect photo op!

family of four is perfect


One of the best things about our family of four is that, especially when they were young, there was always one parent at every soccer game, swim meet, softball game, you name it. Many of our relatives are in Europe, so we two would tag-team their sporting events when they were inevitably scheduled at the same time. As they grew older, they began to support each other in events.

family of four is perfect

One kid free with parent deals work out great for a family of four!

A family of four also came in handy the first time we took them skiing in Colorado – many resorts offer a “one child under 12 skis free with a paying adult” deal – voila – a ski trip for four, and you pay for two! Many restaurants also have dinner deals in which one child’s meal is free with a paying parent. Again, four eat and you pay for two!

On a more mundane note, one boy and one girl means no clothing drama and fighting! Asked what makes our family of four perfect, my daughter’s response – with only two siblings, they are a match against the parental unit and can gang up on us evenly. Hhhmm….something I hadn’t considered.


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