National Compliment Day- Use Our Free Printable!


National Compliment Day comes around every year on January 24. On this day, take the time to give someone a genuine, pure hearted compliment. It just might make their day!

This unofficial day was started in 1998 by Debby Hoffman and Kathy Chamberlin as a way “to tell the people in our lives how much we appreciate them.”

Give a Sincere Compliment

It’s easy to say “I like your shirt” or “Great earrings.” Those are not the kind of compliments we’re going after on Compliment Day. We’re trying to help the people in your life feel seen, to feel known. There truly is nothing more powerful than that. Our version of compliment day encourages people to make a conscious attempt to praise and acknowledge the little (and big) wonderful attributes of printable world compliment day

Complimenting does not have to be intimidating or hard. For it to be sincere and sound heartfelt, it must come from the heart. To give a genuine compliment, experts suggest finding something that you admire about the person you want to compliment. It could be about a job well done, a skill that they have, or something they have done recently to impress you. Instead of saying “you’re so smart” try to compliment the things they have control over, such as “you persevere” or “I see you working hard to make that project be the best it can be.” 

It’ll Come Back to Bite You (in a good way)

While compliments spread joy and help others to see the good things about themselves, they also help create bonds. Research has shown that people tend to gravitate towards other positive people in both personal and professional settings. Even if it doesn’t come naturally or easily to you, you can learn to be that positive person.

Appreciating others also creates an atmosphere of mutual admiration – praise someone genuinely once or twice, and likely you’ll start to get a compliment or two back. The bottom line is this: giving compliments not only makes the other person feel good, it can also make you happy, boost your self-esteem, and help you make friends.

World Compliment Day

A similar holiday called World Compliment Day is celebrated every year on March 1. This holiday is also sometimes called International Compliments Day.

We love to celebrate the ordinary days here at the Quad City Moms Blog. We’ve got a list of the special days in January, and watch for the wonderfully ordinary days coming up for February.compliment day printable

Free Printable

Have your students, kids, co-workers participate in National Compliment Day with this simple printable. Print one for inside each of the bathroom stalls in the high school, your office, or in a restaurant. Download and print off these easy printable tear offs for your break room or the cafeteria. Hang one in your kitchen and encourage your kids to compliment their siblings and friends. National Compliment Day free Printablepin it! compliments please take one and pass them on


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