Why Having a Family of Six is the Best!


I never thought I would be asked to write an article on why being a family of six people is the best us, but I’m so excited about the challenge!

In today’s society, I don’t see many families over four people. I own my own business and see families and children regularly. Over the years, families have continuously gotten smaller.

To give a little history of our family, we have four children. The oldest is Mason and he’s 10 years old. Myla and Mason are exactly 18 months apart from each other and she’s currently 8. Next comes Aspen and she’s 6 years old and last is Dawson and he’s about to turn 5 years old. All of the kids are about 18-21 months apart from each other.  I knew from the start, I never wanted to get out of diapers and the baby stage until we were done having children. Although looking back at that time, it is crazy to think within each kids’ first year, I was already pregnant with the next one! 

I’m not about to say a smaller or bigger family size is better than the other. But for me, our family of six is perfect. When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of having lots of kids. I absolutely love being around children, working with kids, and somehow God has gifted me a lot of patience with kids. I freely admit though, there are days that it is significantly lacking. It takes a special person to be able to manage the chaos of a large family. There are so many activities, events, places to be, things to be said, scrapes to be kissed, and lives to manage.family of six standing in a field

But through the chaos of having a family of six, comes a lot of love. Here are a few reasons why we love being a large family:

  1. Everybody has a friend. Since having our children so close in age, they always have somebody to play with. It works out great that the older two are boy/girl, so they do a lot of the same activities, but they share different friends and like to more boy/girlish things so they are not fighting over the same toys. Same with the two younger children-I’ll just leave out the bickering between the two girls in the middle (haha.)
  2. In a family of six, there are so many personalities. I thought that personalities would start repeating themselves after two kids. I could not have been more wrong. We have the very emotional/loving/thoughtful child, the very athletic/smart/outgoing child, also the quiet/anxious yet strong-willed child, and lastly the charismatic/funny/loving child. There is never a dull moment when you combine all of these personalities-plus your own!
  3. Lots of interests and activities. I can’t even put a number on how many times I have said to someone “I can’t believe I am a (insert activity here) mom.” My kids are involved in activities that I never was as a child. Because of my family of six, I have the opportunity!  It’s wonderful to have so many options.  It has been an interesting journey to find what each kid loves to do.
    a girl with a ponytail playing soccer, about to kick the ball family of six
    photo by Sweekit Photography

    So far I have been a gymnastics mom, soccer, band/guitar, baseball, dance, basketball, and swimming mom-and I’m sure this list will only continue to grow in the future.

  4. An even number in the family. We always have a partner. If you want to ride a ride, there is always a sibling to ride with and next to you. Most activities are done in pairs so there is never a moment that a kid gets left out. And, as a bonus for us, having two boys and two girls keeps the even number thing going.mom smiling with her four children family of six is the best

I probably appear to know how to manage this family of six, and it might seem like I have things figured out, but rest assured, I don’t know what the next minute is going to bring. I am on this journey of motherhood-learning as I go, and because of fantastic family and friends, I have the support to continue pushing forward and providing the best that I can for each of them.

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Contributed by Kelcy Hanson, wife to Andy for 10 years and mother of four children (10,8,6,4). Kelcy grew up in the Quad City area, in the country on a farm. She went to Iowa State University and graduated with a degree in Agricultural Communications and Communication Studies.

Kelcy’s true passion is photography, marketing, and volunteering for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. She has owned and operated her own business for the last ten years and is coming up on her six-year anniversary with NILMDTS. She currently also works a full-time job as a marketing and customer service specialist for a local manufacturing company.

You can find Kelcy running kids to activities, trying to keep her composure, getting groceries with typically 4-7 kids along-depending on which kids have friends over for playdates. Somewhere between all the activities, you’ll see her running 5-10k races locally, and somehow still managing to get the minimum amount of sleep needed to function.


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