Specific Strategies for Living a Minimalist Mom Life


Specific Strategies for Living a Minimalist Mom Life

In my previous article, I revealed to you my journey towards becoming a minimalist mom. If you’ll recall, in my article A Busy Mom’s Guide to Minimalism, I laid out the challenges in my home and gave a few brief examples of how I was moving towards minimalism and clearing the clutter.

In this article, I’m focusing on specific strategies to move towards a Minimalist Mom life. What does that mean? It’s taking the notion of minimalism and applying it to other areas of life – not just physical clutter.

The idea of a Minimalist Mom life is that you will become less stressed and more present in your everyday life.minimalist mom living room with computer

Specific Strategies for Minimalist Moms

  1. Divide up chores. Learning to take responsibility prepares children for adulthood. Assign age-appropriate tasks to each family member instead of trying to do everything yourself.

  2. Run errands together. Use your time more efficiently by bringing your children with you to the grocery store. They can practice reading labels and doing arithmetic. You can even make them their own grocery list so they can help you find what you need.  For the Minimalist Mom, it may take a little more time but you’re building memories and growing future shoppers that can help you at the store or run errands someday.

  3. Limit toys. It’s difficult to keep toys from multiplying, especially around birthdays and holidays. Create a system for keeping the total volume under control. You might want to try rotating toys by giving your child only a few to play with each week. Or, encourage regular toy donations to charities that help kids. As I try to be a Minimalist Mom, we usually clean out twice a year – once before birthdays and again before Christmas.

  4. Reduce clutter. Consider what other items you have around the house that you rarely use. You can clean your house faster when you get rid of clutter. Your surroundings will also feel more comfortable and look more attractive.minimalist moms window seat with plants and quote on the wall reads "don't trust anybody who doesn't have a sense of humor"

  5. Monitor technology. Have you ever noticed that time can slip by when you’re on your phone or other digital devices? The internet can be a super useful tool, but too much screen time can be a distraction from completing what really needs to get done. Create house rules like no phones at the dinner table and turning off all devices at least two hours before bedtime. You could even limit use to certain times of the day, for example checking in on your phone first thing in the morning and then not again until late afternoon. Some families even limit their kids’ tech time to weekends only. 

However far you decide to go with minimizing your consumption, you’ll be teaching your children to value a more mindful and meaningful life. Buying and owning less stuff will give you, a burgeoning Minimalist Mom, the freedom to enjoy what you already have.

Remember that most change doesn’t happen overnight, so the best way to tackle this list of strategies is one at a time. Get one strategy implemented well, then move on to the next. Pop into one of the QC Mom’s Connecting Facebook groups for support.


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