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Breastfeeding and fashion? Do the two mix? Can you still be fashionable while taking off your clothes to feed your little one? It is not easy, but it is possible! Here are a few outfits high on breastfeeding fashion which I have found work great for me.  I’m sure you have a couple of items in your closet that can work for you, too! If not, stop by thrift and consignment stores…they are awesome and don’t break the bank!breastfeeding fashion

First of all, there are some friends you need to make. Make friends with buttons, cardigans, built-in bra tanks, v-necks, and zippers. Become BFF’s. My favorite part of these outfits is you will never have to lift up to get to the nursing bra. Everything can pull down or unbutton to make your life easier and no one sees your stomach! Another friend I had to make was leggings and fleece-lined tights. It is cold here in the QC and these bad boys keep your legs warm!

Since most people are visual, I’ll stop with the chit-chat and post pictures…

breastfeeding fashion when you're going out

I didn’t take pictures of the outfit without the scarf, but underneath is a light teal v-neck shirt with a button-down cardigan with polka dots. The pants are a tad bright and bold, I know. You could easily put the top part of this outfit with jeans, black pants, or brown pants. The cardigan has buttons that start under the bust line so I don’t even need to unbutton. I literally just pull down the v-neck and unhook the nursing bra snaps.

Next…3 looks, 1 essential piece.

The essential piece: a white long-sleeve button-down top.

First look: Wide leg jeans, Sperrys, white top, red belt. So simple, yet looks put together. Nursing or built-in bra tank under, unbutton top and nurse. The shirt doesn’t even need to be untucked! Another option is to wear a pencil skirt, colored leggings, and boots and/or heels.

Second look: I just added a black blazer and gold flats with sequin embellishments. Dress it up more with heels. Wear skinny jeans or wear bright-colored pants with a black belt.

Third look: Add a colored cardigan and a scarf for a comfy look. The shoes are flats with a colored toe and I changed the red belt to a brown belt. To nurse, just take the scarf off and unbutton.

Next…layer up!

A simple button-down dress, leggings, and boots. Unbutton to nurse.

breastfeeding fashion

Add a colored cardigan. Still only need to unbutton to nurse.

breastfeeding fashion

Add a colored or print scarf. Take off the scarf and unbutton to nurse.

breastfeeding friendly fashion for going out

Add a bright jacket for the complete layered look. Still only taking off a scarf and unbuttoning dress. Never thought you could wear a dress and nurse, could you!?

Next…lazy day at home.

breastfeeding fashion when you're hanging at home

Essential piece: stretchy long sleeve sweater, vest with zipper.

Comfort is key when staying at home and being lazy. I’m usually in yoga pants, but these are cotton linen pants and just as comfy as yoga pants. The black sweater is stretchy enough to pull down to nurse. If I get chilly and don’t want the heater up, I add a vest with a zipper.

Next…be bold!

The lighting in the picture is horrible. The pants are a coral color, but they look like a Halloween orange…not cute. Coral is better and I wish it came out better. I paired my bright coral pants with a bold black and tan striped shirt. Again, only need to unbutton. If you don’t want to be so bright with the coral pants, wear skinny or wide-leg jeans or if you are going to work, wear a pencil skirt, leggings, and boots.

The same outfit, I just added a colorful scarf and the baby.

Next…in or out?

breastfeeding fashion

You can choose whether you want to tuck in your button-down or let it flow. The mustard yellow open cardigan is the same one I wore with the white button-down top above. Skinny jeans and boots…BAM, outfit done. Wear a scarf to layer up more.

A couple of cool things about the button-down tops and scarfs. The button-down shirts come in so many prints and colors! You can have 10 and they will all give an outfit a different look. They are also flowy…just in case you need to hide some of the baby weight. Scarfs add color, are warm, and also can cover a spit-up stain, if needed (and we know they tend to find our shirt and not the burp cloth). I also like to wear scarfs (even if they are light and not for warmth) instead of necklaces. I used to wear necklaces and bracelets to add to my outfit, but now I have a baby grabbing and don’t want them ruined. Scarfs are easy to take off…necklaces are not.

I hope I have shown you fashion does not have to go out the window when you are nursing. No one prepared me on the whole ” lifting your shirt up”. I am not a fan of that, even when I am using a nursing cover.  I even have a printed nursing cover. 

Now go shopping (even if it’s just in your own closet)!!

If you are pregnant during the summer,  check out my pregnancy fashion post for some ideas. Some of the items I wore while pregnant, I wear now. Featured in this post are the jean jacket, pencil skirt, linen pants, white blazer, and the white button-down shirt.


Do these outfits inspire the nursing moms? Have any other fashion tips for me? What is your favorite essential piece in your nursing wardrobe?


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