The Right Pie for your Enneagram Type


Pi (3.14) is the same as 3/14 which is National Pi Day! Naturally, there are many math type ways to celebrate Pi Day, but don’t you think the best way is by eating lots and lots of pie? With so many varieties of pies to choose from – from sweet to savory, to fruity or nutty – deciding which one to devour on this lovely day can be difficult. It’s time to turn to the Enneagram and decide the pie that’ll best satisfy our cravings.

To make the decision easier, here’s the right pie for your Enneagram type. Not sure what Ennegram Type you are? We can help you with that!

Tequila Key Lime Pie— Enneagram Type 1 — The Reformer —

Principled, with a tendency towards being perfectionistic, Enneagram Type Ones are detail oriented and notice how to make life better with small adjustments. The Tequila Key Lime Pie, which can be so detailed to make it might need a perfectionist’s touch, turns out beautifully, for even a novice baker. Just like our Type Ones, you’ll find this pie to be classy, an ultra heavenly dessert to serve at your next party.

tequila lime pie enneagram 1
Tequila lime pie by House of Yumm Enneagram One
Pecan Pie-– Type 2 — The Helper – 

Which pie is perfect for Enneagram Type Twos, who are caring and generous?Demonstrative with affection and emotion, I think pecan pie is the perfect match for Type Twos. Both are heartily welcome at any gathering. The Two keeps any party situation running smoothly, and loves connecting with others just like people love connecting over a delectable slice of pecan pie. A must-serve dessert, just like she is a must-invite guest.

Pecan Pie Recipe enneagram 2
Pecan Pie by Taste of Home Enneagram Type 2
Boston Cream Pie — Enneagram Type 3 — The Achiever – 

Success oriented, the Enneagram Type Three focuses on excelling. Nothing fits like a Boston cream Pie. This is actually sponge cake that wants to impress and wows crowds everywhere, as are the Enneagram Type Three. Boston cream pie is also appropriate because Threes are known for being non-traditional and are adverse to staying the same. Boston cream pie is definitely not your traditional pie. Just like our beloved Threes Boston Cream pie is rich and delightful and full of inspiration.

Boston Cream Pie enneagram type 3
Boston Cream Pie by Taste of Home Enneagram Type 3
Lemon Meringue Pie--Type 4 — The Individualist – 
Lemon Meringue Pie enneagram type 4
Lemon Meringue Pie by Taste of Home Enneagram Type 4

Sensitive and dramatic, the best pie for an Enneagram Type Four needs to stand out in a crowd because she loves that she is uniquely herself and there is no one exactly like her. Lemon Meringue is a pleasure for the palate. Unique and light, and oh so indulgent, the Lemon Meringue Pie is flair itself, just like the Fours we know and love.

 —  Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie–Type 5 – The Investigator –

Intense and cerebral, Enneagram Type Fives want to be logical at every decision and in every situation. They are as practical as Pumpkin Pie. Veggies and dessert in one delicious dish? “Yes please!” shout all the Fives. Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie is healthy  with an amazing twist on the traditional, melding well with the motivations and depth of the Five.

pumpkin pie recipe ennegram 5
Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie by Taste of Home Enneagram Type 5
Shepherd’s Pie–Enneagram Type 6 – The Loyalist – 

Engaging in their daily interaction, the Enneagram Type Sixes are committed to whatever they are involved in. Shepherd’s pie is the perfect meal to sit down to after a day of fulfilling obligations and working hard at whatever they are passionate about. Sixes work hard, and shepherd’s pie is filling and goes above and beyond a typical pie. Sixes and shepherd’s pie are both a rich take on a classic.

shepherds pie enneagram type
Shepherd’s Pie by Taste of Home Enneagram Type 6
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie–Type 7 – The Enthusiast – 

Bright and colorful, strawberry rhubarb pie reminds one of sunshine and summer. Full of energy and on the go, the Enneagram Type Sevens on a good day also bring the sunny side of life. Sevens are usually up for anything and adventurous, and strawberry rhubarb pie is just right for their vivacious temperaments. Sweet and a little bit tart, Sevens seem to encapsulate the strawberry rhubarb pie.

strawberry rhubarb pie recipe enneagram 7
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie by Taste of Home Enneagram Type 7

 – Raspberry Pear Tart--Type 8 – The Challenger

The pie for an Enneagram Type Eight needs to match well.  An Eight is willful and decisive, just like you need to be to make a tantalizing tart. Tarts might take a little more effort than a traditional pie, and take time to create, but the end result is so worth it. Similarly, it takes more effort sometimes to be in relationship with Eights, for whom conflict equals connection, and more time to establish that relationship. Raspberry  pear tarts are bursting with flavor, just like Eights are bursting with intensity.

Raspberry Pear Tart right pie for your enneagram type
Raspberry Pear Tart by Taste of Home Enneagram Type 8

Apple Pie –Enneagram Type 9 – The Peacemaker 

Reassuring and agreeable, nothing says home like an apple pie. Enneagram Type Nines likewise are comforting. Type Nines pick you up when you are down and cheer you up, just as a warm piece of homemade apple pie with cinnamon ice cream makes you feel cozy and loved. Apple pies are as easy to make as the Nine’s easy going style. Both seem nurturing and feel like family.

apple pie recipe enneagram
Apple Crumble Pie by Taste of Home Enneagram 9



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