Pregnancy – it can be a beautiful season. But it can also be laced with challenges for many moms. And for some, body image can be a difficult part of pregnancy. It is for me. 
While I know in my heart that my body is doing something amazing – creating life – I also notice the number on the scale increasing and my pants getting tighter and tighter. Yes – even my maternity pants. And why are my shoes are getting tighter?
After three pregnancies, I’ve never thought maternity photos were an important part of pregnancy. With a few exceptions, I didn’t always feel great about my body during pregnancy. And I didn’t think I needed to be reminded of those extra chins, either. And between all the other must-dos during those 9 months, taking photos of myself never made it to the top of my list. 
But this time around, my mind has been changed. As I neared 30 weeks pregnant, I got together with Elaine at Giraffe Photography for a maternity session to document my (likely) final pregnancy. And I’m here to tell you – why did I wait so long? 
It’s not that I didn’t immediately notice the extra chins – I did. And I didn’t forget about my insecurities, my aching body, or my rubbing thighs while I was cradling my growing belly and smiling serenely.
But I did feel good. Focusing on just me for a short period of time made me feel better about myself. And seeing the photos made me remember that I’m a strong mom who is creating life. 
I mean, there’s not a better superpower than that, is there?
So I’m here to share a few reasons you may want to consider maternity photos – whether it’s your first pregnancy or your 10th. If a skeptic like me can come around, I think you can, too. 

1. Photos by a professional are always going to be better than your at-home snapshots. 

I know you have a camera on your phone. But trust me, that camera is rarely going to make you feel good about yourself. Our friends at Giraffe Photography are professionals – which means they know how to make you look great. 
They’ll pose you in the most flattering ways, make sure you have the best scenery and lighting, and maximize their years of experience to make sure you look awesome. You can’t say that about the quick snapshot taken by your husband on your smartphone. 

2. You can get extra help to look your best – if you need it. 

Getting maternity photos is a great time to get a little pampering. There’s nothing wrong with taking a little extra time to get ready and feel great. 

And as a bonus, all maternity sessions with Giraffe Photography include complimentary makeup application before!

3. You will forget what you looked like during pregnancy.

Amnesia is real during and after pregnancy. The time somehow seems to fly and drag by at the same time. And you think you won’t forget the bump and the way you felt. 

But you probably will. 

Your life will go on, and your brain will be filled with all of the things that new mom brains get filled with. 

But having maternity photos taken during these precious nine months can be a gift. 

4. Your kids will love seeing the photos, too. 

And don’t forget that your kids will love to see what you looked like when they were inside your growing belly. Maternity photos are great  to include in their baby book and share with them as they get older. 

why you should get maternity photos

If you have thought about maternity photos but haven’t yet pulled the trigger, let this be your gentle encouragement to do it before your pregnancy is over. 

And if you are attending Bloom on Thursday, April 30, 2020 Giraffe Photography will be offering MATERNITY PHOTOS for moms at the event. You can purchase an add on to your ticket to take advantage of this awesome perk. 

Thanks to Giraffe Photography for taking this mama’s photos. To learn more, visit their website and contact them to schedule


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