Teen to Teen: Things to Do in Quarantine (Besides Refreshing Snap)


Hello fellow teenagers, my mom’s making me write this because I have a C in algebra. I personally will do none of these things, and continue to refresh Snapchat 5,739,283 times a day. Teen, things to do while you’re stuck at home because of COVID-19 might be lame, but you can try to make the best of a sucky situation. Here are some ideas of teen things to do while you’re in quarantine. 

teen guide to things to do during quarantineSend nudes. I’m just kidding, (Hi mom!) but now that I have your attention, you should clean your room.

Wash your sheets. I know I hate doing this, because it takes so long but it’s a good activity for when you’re bored out of your mind. And you know they’re gross.

Reorganize your drawers.

Refold your clothes. You know, that one chair in the corner of your room that you put your once worn clothes on? Yeah, go through them. 

Kill your siblings and hide the bodies.

Do that homework you keep procrastinating. 

Edit your Spotify playlists, or make a new one. Try to make a COVID-19 Playlist to top my aunt’s.

Practice your instrument. 

Shave your head (My sister did this 3 days into quarantine; I’m happy to say I have not lost my marbles yet.)

Read a book. Sounds generic and unoriginal, but I can’t remember the last time I read a book for fun. Go find an interesting one, and read it. I recommend The Hate U Give.

FaceTime your friends.

Make a new Instagram account to fulfill your aesthetic dreams. 

Spend the entire day on Pinterest creating a perfect life that doesn’t exist but you would kill to live.

Clean your mirrors.

Work out. Unless you don’t want to. Then go eat some ice cream. 

Organize and clean your fridge/freezer. I know mine’s a mess. 

Jump on the trampoline.

Lay in the hammock .

Swing on the swing set you haven’t been on since 6th grade.

Commit tax fraud. 

Learn some words/phrases in ASL, Spanish, French, or High Valerian.

Eat a bag of baby carrots. 

Watch some old episodes of Friends (oh wait, you can’t because Netflix got rid of it. Screw you, Netflix) 

Take your dog for a walk.dog on a leash teen guide of things to do during covid 19 lockdown

Count your toilet paper supply.

Plant some plants.

Paint your room.

Learn a pop song on piano to make you look cool. 

Ask out your Alexa.

Practice your multitasking skills. Do some household chores while watching TikTok. 

Take a really long bath with bubbles and stuff.

Stay up the entire night for fun. This time it’s not because you’re behind on homework. It’s not like you have to get up for school the next day.

Wash your shoes.

Take some aesthetically pleasing pictures. 

Eat some random spices from your spice cabinet.

Try learning a TiktTok dance besides Renegade, and then discover that you’re actually incapable of moving your body. (Definitely not speaking from personal experience) 

Sit on your roof and eat a can of mandarin oranges.

Make cookies.

Improve your handwriting. 

Make a smoothie.

Write a letter to a relative or a friend’s relative living alone. 

Remember, COVID is 19 so it can’t legally enter your body without consent, but that doesn’t apply to your grandma. Stay safe, everybody. And teens, try to find things to do that don’t rot your brain or bug your parents too much.




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