I’ve been the mama to a boy for 4 years this month, and to say that it has changed my life is an understatement.  Never have I loved and laughed this much.  And never have I discussed bodily functions so much in my life.  As a tribute to all the boy moms out there and as an explanation to those of you who don’t have a boy, here’s a glance into the joy and chaos that is life with boys.
An Ode to Boy Momhood
Life as mama to a boy is…
Laughing at poop jokes and going on adventures.
Saying “don’t lick the door” and “please don’t fart on your sister.”
Weird smells and lots of mud.
Kissing boo boos and letting them learn by doing.
We find ourselves …
Explaining why pee goes into the toilet and not onto the wall.
Repeating “No blasters or lightsabers at the table”
Playing trains until we’re so skilled at building track we can use every piece.
Life as a boy mama is filled with …
Fierce snuggles and silly faces.
Sleepy “I love yous” and lick kisses.
Getting outside as much as possible and wondering if there are dog collars for kids.
Rough housing and bear hugs.
Sweetness and sarcasm, sass and smiles.
Butts and boogers.
Stickiness and snuggles.
Farts and belly laughs, and
Dinos for days.
We find ourselves…
Falling asleep singing the paw patrol theme song, and
Learning so much about construction vehicles that we could most likely operate one.
It’s a three ring circus filled with pee on the floor, socks everywhere, and a smile that could melt stone.
It’s legos and hot wheels to play with and step on.
It’s realizing that the energizer bunny’s got nothing on him.
It’s deep theological questions and power tools.
We boy moms live with a joy filled and loud, smelly and wild little tornado who gives compliments at just the right time.
He’s angel faced in his sleep and wears a mischievous grin all the waking hours.
We solve mysteries and get the bad guys.
And we hear “I can do it myself” just as much as “Stay with me a little longer.”
Life as a boy mom is full of fun and movement and exhaustion and wondering what meaning life held before him.
I’m so grateful to be the mom of a boy, with all the crazy and love it brings to my life! It’s changed me for the better, and I’m excited to see what this adventure of boy momhood holds in the years to come.


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