Easter At Home During a Weird Time: Ways to Celebrate


This year the world will be celebrating Easter at home. Across the globe, Shelter in Place orders are due to the continued monitoring of COVID- 19. The Easter egg hunts we love to attend with our kids are cancelled. We’re not supposed to go out except for essentials. We have to stay away from our parents (unless you’re lucky enough to be quarantining with them.) Easter is definitely going to be different this year. And yet, we still have lots of ways to celebrate Jesus’ victory over death. 

Thank you to our Sister Sites and the QC Moms who contributed to this article.

Make Holy Week Special

 If you are of the Christian faith, sometimes it’s easy to forget why we celebrate Easter in the first place. Keep Jesus at the forefront of this holiday by reading the Bible and doing activities with our kids to prepare for the darkness of Good Friday. There’s no one right way to do this, but a great printable devotion helps a lot.

You can also just simply read the Easter story in the Bible. You can find the entire story beginning with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and ending with His ascension into Heaven in Matthew Chapters 26-28. 

One of our local churches, St Paul Lutheran, even has Dial In Devotions.Celebrate Easter at home, colored eggs in a nest of grass

The Traditional Easter Meal

Baking or cooking with my kids is always such a fun and bonding moment (and by always, I mean the five minutes when no one is bickering over who gets to measure something next and no one is dropping Pampered Chef bake ware on the floor). Many of us love to bake. Studies show that baking and cooking lower blood pressure and help relax you. (I have no idea if that’s true or not, but studies show that people pay more attention when you say “Studies show…”)

Some of our writing teams’ favorites are:

If you’re not a fan of cooking, our writer Lisa suggests  there will be some local restaurants that will do Easter carry out specials. So you wouldn’t have to cook AND you’d help support local businesses at the same time!?

Granite City is offering carry out Easter Brunch.

Still Attend Church

Some options for watching  Palm Sunday and Easter Service:

Cross Point Church

Coram Deo 

Bethany Moline

Sacred City Church

St Paul Lutheran 

Our Savior Lutheran

Mulford Church

Twists on the Egg Hunt

If you already have plastic eggs stored from previous years or you were able to stock up, have a family egg hunt in your yard when you’re celebrating Easter at home.

Dress up Easter Egg Hunt: Get all dressed up in costumes, your finery, an old bridesmaid dress, whatever, and hunt for eggs in your yard. Ignore those looks from the neighbors, they’ll just chalk it up to COVIDcrazy. 

Scavenger Egg Hunt: Send your kids on a treasure hunt, making each egg they find contain a clue where the next egg is hidden. You could take this around your house, yard, or even your neighborhood or wild area. Happy Home Fairy has a free printable to save you the work!

Flashlight Egg Hunt: Do this in the house, or if you have older kids outside, like flashlight tag. -Tiffany

Anne suggested tossing the eggs from one floor down to the other while the kids scramble around in the dark trying to find them. Repeat as many times as they want to do it.

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Our neighborhood is printing and coloring eggs to put in our windows and having a neighborhood Easter egg hunt!- Lynne

Holly suggests grandparents come to hide sanitized plastic eggs in the yard. Grandparents can watch the kids hunt for them from their car.

Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt: Mini glow sticks in the eggs. Since glow sticks last all day, you could do this before the sun goes up, and again after it goes down! -Tiffany

Glow in the dark Easter eggs are my kids favorites. Usually my husband is working on Easter Sunday so we started doing an evening egg hunt. Plus this crazy Iowa winter makes Easter too cold to go outside. We put glow sticks in the plastic eggs and hide them in the basement or yard. -Trisha

Piñata Egg Hunt: Put chocolate eggs or whatever you like in an egg shaped piñata (hint: balloons are egg shaped)- bonus, you can make the piñata easily in the week before and get craft time in too!

Egg Hunt Relay: Turn your Easter egg hunt into a tag team challenge for the whole family. First, fill your plastic eggs with slips of paper including a fun task, such as “sing Little Peter Cottontail” or “do five burpees.” Then, have the kids rush off one at a time to find an egg. Once they’ve found their egg, they have to dash back to you, perform the task, and tag the next teammate. When all the eggs have been found, every participant gets their Easter basket, making everyone a winner!

Social Distancing Egg Hunt: Sarah explains how her neighborhood is doing a social distancing egg hunt with actual Easter eggs. “We’re a super small group of families. A few of us grabbed some eggs and candy. The eggs are stuffed, disinfected and sitting in a box waiting for all the fun.” Sarah continues,”We’ll be passing them out in the neighbor’s yards with gloves so the kids can have a fun activity, each in their own yard. They can all see each other since we’re that close together. Hopefully it’ll spread some cheer.”

Accidental Egg Hunt: My son found an Easter egg under some brush in the yard just the other day. Year old Skittles, anyone? 

An Eggless Egg Hunt: Even if you are having to ration eggs so dying them is out of the question, and you do not want to go to the store for plastic eggs you can still give your kids a fun “Egg” hunt at home! To do this you just need to visit their playroom. Pick out some of their favorite toys and stuff animals. Then just like a normal Egg hunt hide the toys all-around your house/yard and then have them go find them. You could have a fun treat waiting for them at the end, or just spend some time playing with the toys they just found.- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Paint Eggs

We used the plastic eggs I had saved from last year. First I spray painted them with a few coats of a plastic adherent primer, then I gave them to the kids to paint with acrylic paints. I let them paint until they were tired of it.easter at home painting eggs

Make a Better, More Unique Easter Basket

There are so many good basket ideas, I can’t decide what to do! I especially like the ideas for older kids. Mom-sourcing is my favorite. Meghan put together a ton of fabulous ideas. 

QC Moms have All the Great Ideas and Plans

I just had a great idea! You put an egg somewhere in your home,I’m thinking a cluttered bookshelf, where there are a lot of knick-knacks and you take a picture that includes the entire space. Post the picture and everyone’s kids can “hunt” for the egg in the pic. Make it like a picture find book. -Trisha

We are making it a days-long celebration instead of one. We are crafting all of the cross themed crafts Pinterest has, making a tomb out of half a doughnut, and then watching Son of Guard- Crystal

We’re doing the typical Easter egg hunt at home but then spending the rest of our day making fun desserts the kids picked from my vintage recipes.- Tiffany

Easter at home outdoor decor eggs on bushes
We hang Easter eggs on the bushes and trees- Holly


When my kids were littles, we played egg games in the yard :

  • Relay race with eggs on spoons – they have to fill a carton at one end.
  • Relay race to make match up eggs – break up plastic eggs, put in a pile – each person runs to the pile, marches up 2 pieces of an egg, puts it in an egg crate, races back.
  • We also threw eggs across the yard, catching in a sheet held by other family members, which was a Swiss game my mom taught us.

All fun, all outside. -Laurie

We’ll make resurrection rolls for breakfast, and discuss it while we make it and eat. Then we give them our own private egg hunt at home and make it super special. After that, we’ll attend online church, and cap off our day by celebrating with a big dinner❤️ -Kodie

We are coloring fake eggs to go on our table, zooming during our meal with family. We are having a locally grown ham and the girls will pick a special dessert to make. We will still tune in to church. We do an Easter egg hunt every year. Last year my farmer husband worked and the kids and I stayed home and made a good meal and played outside in Easter dresses -Bridget

My church delivered Easter devotions to go…an activity a day through Easter Sunday! We also made a hard boiled bright table egg centerpiece.- Dawnbrightly colored hard boiled egg center piece easter at home

All the Easter activities that we would normally do before Easter, I’m planning to do then. For instance we usually like coloring eggs, planting something to represent new life, and family devotions. I will also get my kids dressed in their cute Easter clothes and take pictures of them while I stay in pajamas. 🙂 – Lyn

Easter Movie Egg-travaganza

Perhaps you want to watch in the evening when you’re all worn out from being around each other all day- in that case grab you comfiest blankets and stuffies and snuggle up. Or maybe you want a day off and you have a TV in your room, put some of these movies up while you have a lazy-ish day in bed. Celebrating Easter at home needs to have as much hygge as possible, especially if you’re missing your family.

Some movies to choose from:


Community Bunny Hunt

Toledo Moms Collective, another one of our Sister Sites, has provided coloring sheets for both eggs and bunnies the kids could color and post in their windows. Get the neighbors or community at large involved so you can all go wabbit hunting. Organize a hunt through our Moms Connecting groups on Facebook. 

Easter-best Front Steps Portrait

You may have seen the new viral photo trend in having a “Porch Photo” taken by a local photographer. Photographers around the country are participating in the Front Steps Project to raise money for charities due to the Corona virus outbreak. The idea is to have a socially distant photo shoot to show your family together during this weird time. Have everyone dress up in their Easter best like you traditionally would and use a selfie stick or a tripod and take a Front Steps Portrait of your family.

Easter Crafts 

It’s that time of year when bunnies and chicks and eggs are popping up EVERYWHERE! You can order craft supplies from Amazon or your grocery pick up if you don’t have the supplies on hand already.

Here are some craft ideas (even though I’m sure you know how to work Pinterest):

Include the Grandparents and Relatives

Write an Easter letter to your loved ones. Use our free printable postcard sized Easter stationary. Smaller paper feels less overwhelming for young ones. 

We will be watching the Easter Sunday service on YouTube, then a big Easter egg hunt and brunch with my sister and her kids since I have been watching her kids since quarantine start, as she still had to work so we’re in this together! Then the best part of the day will be when my mom drops off her cheesy potatoes on my front porch- Brittany

Since we can’t visit our daughter + son in law and the granddaughters, we’re mailing Easter baskets and filled plastic eggs. We’re going to FaceTime with them for the hunt- Gail

We are zooming during our meal with one side of the family. -Bridget

 A possible new idea for this year is Easter Caroling. Stand outside safe distance away and let those inside open windows and listen. If possible, this might be done as a spaced out group surrounding a nursing home for residents inside who can’t visit with anyone but can open their windows. -Lisa

Write Words of Inspiration on Sidewalks

Go for a walk in your neighborhood, or to a friend’s house (staying far, far away from the people of course) and take chalk with you. Write inspirational and encouraging messages for people to see as they come out of their doors. Make sure to stick to public spaces i.e. no driveways, in case the home dwellers care about that sort of thing.

Give them the true message of Easter, that Christ overcame the world, that we can overcome this together too. Let people know you’re thinking of them, and that you’re sharing hope and happiness. Some ideas might be:

  • May you be blessed with our Lord’s love and peace this Easter.

  • Have an egg-stra egg-cellent Easter!

  • We thank the Lord for His blessings and wish you an Easter full of joy and peace.

  • Remember the most important reasons for Easter: new life, joy, and chocolate!

  • Let us remember the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection and His endless love.

  • The Easter bunny is hopping… no, he’s hoping you have a wonderful Easter.

  • We wish you a season of Christ’s peace, joy, and blessings.

  • We are all blessed at Easter, but I hope you feel some extra love and blessings from me.

This Holy Week and Easter will be unlike any in recent memory. Families will not be gathering with their church families or extended families or even friends to participate in Easter egg hunts or Holy Week activities together. We’ll be celebrating Easter at home and only at home. It is strange and feels uncomfortable.

I’d like to close with these words from St Paul the Apostle, who knew a thing or two about being uncomfortable, as well as my friend Kendra, who is a pastor at St Paul Lutheran:

I rejoice in the Lord greatly that now at least you have revived your concern for me; indeed you were concerned for me, but had no opportunity to show it. Not that I referring to being in need; for I have learned to be content with whatever I have. I know what it is to have little, and I know what it is to have plenty. In any and all circumstances I have learned the secret of being well-fed and of going hungry, of having plenty and being in need. I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

May we find the same nourishment in these strange times.



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