How Our Lives Have Changed Since COVID-19


When I was first asked to guest post on the QC Moms blog my first thought was, “What can I possibly say that hasn’t been said already?” While our family dynamic and the nature of my husband’s work in the medical field places us in a category of increased risk of COVID-19, we aren’t extremely worried. We have focused on a targeted plan to protect our family, and my hope is that some of what we are doing will be helpful and encouraging to you. Our lives have changed since COVID-19.

We are striving to protect our health.

There are many old wives tales that I’m sure we’ve all heard. The thing about these old sayings is that they are rooted in truth. One way our lives have changed since COVID-19 is in implementing these old wives tales.

“You are what you eat.”

This does not mean if you eat a carrot you will turn orange and grow green hair. Everyone who hears this knows this saying is all about how food directly connects to our health. This also doesn’t mean that eating healthy guarantees health, but merely increases the chances of having overall health. Our family normally eats fairly healthfully. During the onset and increasing of COVID-19, we have been reminded just how vital a strong immune system is.

The immune system starts in our guts. Basically, our immune systems are able to be strong if we feed our bodies the fuel it needs. As a family we have tried to more fully embrace this during this time. We’re loading up on leafy green things and naturally sweet fruits. We’re eating pickled foods and drinking my homemade kombucha more frequently. We have remembered that food, while a delicious delight, serves one primary role: to fuel our bodies. So yes, we’ve baked yummy treats, but overall our diets are filled with health boosting ingredients.

We are also protecting our health by protecting our hearts and minds. Getting outside, exercising, while maintaining social distance, and spending time meditating on scripture certainly increases overall mental health. Reducing our stress levels during this highly stressful time can only contribute to a mental health that will allow us to come through this pandemic with clarity. Soak up the sunshine my friends!. It’s God’s blessing during this tough time!how our lives have changed since COVID-19 family looking off into the sunset

“Cleanliness is next to godliness”

I know God desires us to come to him with clean hearts, but I’m not so sure that the Lord cares too much about whether I’ve taken a shower and washed my hair or not. I do know that COVID19 , like other viruses, is primarily spread through the direct contact of contagion to your nose, mouth, or eyes. As irritating as it might be, we wash our hands all the time. As I sit typing , my hands are cracked and split, not from the dry winter air that normally brings this about, but from washing so many times everyday. Good hand hygiene is important, but that’s not enough.

Everyone has a home germ zone (HGZ). This zone is made up of all the common areas you spend time with your house and car being the primary HGZ. Your HGZ is unique to your family. It is full of thousands maybe even hundreds of thousands of virions and germs that you and your family have built up immunity. We should want to kill any virus at the point of entry to our HGZ. To do this, we have become intentional about tracking our touches. We wash our hands and anything that we contaminated before washing our hands.

We desire to protect our family.

Another way our lives have changed since COVID-19, is that my husband, who normally goes to work at one of three area hospitals every day, is home most of the time. Though the boys are used to spending everyday with me, they now get to share their days with Dad too! What does this mean? Our family has been blessed with some serious quality time. We have breakfast, lunch, and dinner together at the table. We get to have the benefit of Dad’s perspective during our morning time. We’ve done puzzles, cooked meals, baked tasty treats, gone hiking, played board games, gone fishing in our pond, completed yard work, and started a garden all together. My husband and I have worked on some inside projects around the house. I guess you could say that we are keeping plenty busy. Why though? Why is this important? We don’t want to waste this time.

We see the new normal of “social distancing” and “stay at home order” as a gift of sorts. Sure, on one hand having the country shut down and not being allowed to work as normal can be stressful. Many I know are already feeling the pressure and hurt of losing their jobs, or wondering if they will have a job to go back to when this is all over. We have chosen to not dwell on those things. We are seeking to reconnect as a family, and cherish each moment. We are correcting poor habits, which have developed in our homeschool over the years. We are exploring a few fun, new interests. Both my husband and I are trying to be intentional in our conversations with the our lives have changed since COVID-19 family lying in the grass

Life has changed for everyone in such a short period of time.

I doubt the changes are finished. Hopefully this new threat of sickness will fail to make people callus and cold toward others. Hopefully we will all realize that the health of the community as a whole is dependent on the individual making healthy choices. See, our choices are for our family, but their aren’t just for our family. I choose to live a healthy lifestyle because it helps me to stay healthy, but also because it helps me to not make you or someone else I come into contact with sick.

We have been forced as a society into a state of over regulation, which is a huge way our lives have changed since COVID-19. I hope in the future, entire communities band together to protect one another. Let’s not stay home or cover our cough because we’re told by our government to, but because we recognize the value of the people we share this world with. Each of us are image bearers of our shared Creator. This virus doesn’t scare me. I worry that we will walk out of this exactly as we walked into it.

Ashley is a wife, mother, homeschool mama, and quilter seeking to glorify God and love people.


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