Work Out and Watch a Show With Printable Workouts!


It’s been a long spring. Gyms are closed and we’re all doing our best to keep moving and working out at home. It’s hard to keep our motivation up. At the same time, many of us have binge-watched our favorite shows multiple times. What about combining watching our favorite shows and a work out at the same time?! We’ve created some lovely options to work out and watch a show with these printable workouts for some of our favorite shows available on Netflix: Gilmore Girls, Friends, Nailed It!, Parks and Rec, Schitt’s Creek, and The Office.

We’ve rounded up some of the common things that occur regularly in some of our favorite shows and used them as a prompt for exercise activities. Joey on Friends says “How you doin’?”- do some donkey kicks! Someone on Nailed It! gets frosting on their face- do some leg raises while lying on the floor. Watch a whole show and get a whole workout! Watch several in a row and, well, maybe you won’t be able to walk the next day.

(You could always use that as an excuse to binge watch a show!)

(You didn’t hear that from us!)

We’ve also got different levels of ability. If you’re a beginner, you do fewer reps than someone who is super advanced. If you work out regularly, you know how long you need to do a particular activity to challenge yourself while you work out and watch a show. Knowing that I don’t know many names for particular exercises, I found photos of people doing the exercises for me to use as a reference point so I can remember how to do a particular activity while I work out and  watch a show.gilmore girls workout and watch a favorite show

Gilmore Girls workout

I have loved Gilmore Girls ever since my cousin brought her DVDs over when she was at college at Augustana. We’d snuggle, cuddled under blankets, and lose ourselves for an hour (or several) in the witty banter, quirky characters, and  drama of Lorelai and Rory. With my besties, I watched The Year in a Life  when they debuted one agonizing season at a time. When my girls were old enough, I introduced them to that nostalgia and the coziness of Stars Hallow. You didn’t know you needed the ultimate Gilmore Girls workout, but we brought it to you! You can work out and watch a favorite show at the same time.

Friends workout watch a show
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Friends workout

I’m old enough that I was in college when Friends debuted after Seinfeld on Thursday nights. I didn’t like it at first but we usually watched Seinfeld when we were getting ready to go out and pre-gaming, so we started watching Friends too. The characters friendships and love for each other through thick and thin mirrored how I felt for my own friends. Their forays into “real life” led the way for me carving my own path into adulthood. I still practically have every episode memorized. Need a Friends workout to keep you active while you relive young adulthood? Here ya go!

Nailed It! workout

People love Nailed It! because it’s just all in good fun! No one is making any pretense about being an amazing baker, and no one is expecting to make anything even close to the original. The hosts and judges are kind, even as they tease the contestants about their clearly epic fail. I love that they find something positive about every single mess presented to them. “Need something to break the gloom of an emotional funk?” wrote Entertainment Weekly. “This could be the cure.” We’ve got the Nailed It! workout to make your life better. 

Parks and Rec workoutparks and rec workout

Many people love to rewatch Parks and Rec because it’s a show about characters that like each other and are generally nice to each other.  The characters are certainly flawed, but they usually mean well. This is what gives the show so much heart.  Parks and Recreation is filled with good people that love and respect each other. It’s comforting and relatable. It’s a show filled with loving, human, endearing people that are also government bureaucrats. For a humorously good time, use our Parks and Rec workout.schitts creek workout

Schitt’s Creek workout

According to reader Ashley, Schitt’s Creek is extremely funny but never in a mean way. You care about the characters and their growth and happiness and hijinks. It’s sweet, fun escapism. Escape your reality with the Rose family with our Schitt’s Creek workout. the ultimate the office workout

The Office workout

Bustle Associate TV Editor Martha Sorren thinks the setting of the show provides a soothing quality that keeps people coming back. “I have a theory that the contained set is a large part of why people rewatch The Office,” she says. “You always know exactly what it’s going to look like, who sits where, and what’s going to happen when. It’s a neutral resting place for your brain because everything always looks the same. There’s no work for your mind to do, and therefore it’s the truest form of relaxation TV.” The Office is almost always on in the background while I’m editing or writing for exactly that reason. Now I can work out and watch The Office at the same your favorite show workout


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