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Write for the Quad City Moms Blog!

Are you one of the next Quad City Moms Blog contributors?

We are looking for new and diverse contributors to expand our team of regular writers! Do you love writing? Want to write for the Quad City Moms Blog? The QCMB writing team is looking for new local voices who are passionate about our area and who are interested in sharing their stories! This is a volunteer position that comes with fun perks! You do not have to be a blogger to apply!

three women holding a sign which reads quad city moms blog standing in front of ornate fireplace
A few of the QCMB contributors at our Santa event

We aim to include moms in all stages of the journey. We are especially looking to diversify our contributor team. We love hearing from moms of young children, moms of older children, moms of adult children, married moms, single moms, moms who have fostered or adopted, moms of multiples, special needs moms, and women who long to become mothers but might be battling infertility. Our goal is to grow our diverse group of contributors with women who want to connect with other moms in the Quad Cities and the surrounding areas.

Interested in becoming a contributor? Here’s what you need to know!

What you GIVE . . .

  • Your passion for moms, kids, and the Quad City area.
  • Reliability, team spirit, and your own unique, fun perspective.
  • One original post per month which fits within the brand and mission of Quad City Moms Blog.
  • An active presence on social media.
  • Your presence, when possible, at Quad City Moms Blog events and contributor gatherings, which are designed to be a great time!
  • Availability for in-person contributor meetings held a few times a year.
  • A five month commitment, beginning July 2020, to be re-evaluated every December and June.
  • A total of five blog posts during your term.

What you GET . . .

  • To write for the Quad City Moms Blog! 
  • The opportunity to make new connections and new friendships with other Quad City moms.
  • The opportunity to serve on the QCMB Events Team.
  • Your photo and bio on the QCMB team page with links to your business, personal blog, and/or social media handles if you choose to share them.
  • Access to our private contributor team Facebook group.
  • Training on WordPress.
  • Access to information and professional development in the areas of writing, blogging, SEO, and social media.
  • The opportunity to test out products and/or services for review as they become available to QCMB.
  • The opportunity to enjoy contributor events at different businesses around town.
  • Lots of FUN!

    write for the quad city moms blog
    photographer unknown

Would you like to write for the Quad City Moms Blog team and become a contributor? Fill out the Google form application at this link in its entirety no later than June 10

About Our Decision

  1. Many factors influence our final decision on who is the best fit for our team. Often we are looking to fill a particular topic/niche area or style of writing. If it isn’t you this time (or if it wasn’t you last time), please know it may have nothing to do with how much we like your writing, or you as a person/mom/friend/neighbor.
  2. The Contributor role is more of a commitment (with more perks) than some moms are ready for due to pregnancy, new babies, or just this busy time of life we’re in. If you are interested in writing for QCMB in a Guest Blogger capacity (occasional guest posts with no other commitments and no freebie perks), just follow the process outlined above and let us know you’re interested in guest blogging, not being a full Contributor.
  3. Our decision process will take approximately two weeks. New Contributors will be notified by email. 

What are you waiting for? Contact us today!


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