Summer Preparedness Kit


Summer is here! Well, not officially, but I’m wearing shorts, so close enough. I have always been the kind of mom to spontaneously say YES to playing in the creek, only  to realize I’m taking home a pile of wet, muddy, and likely naked, kids. But no longer! Enter the Summer Preparedness Kit!

I love having fun with my kids. I encourage rolling down hills, playing in puddles, dancing in the rain, and climbing anything they can climb.

I view dirty feet as a job well done.Kids on a fallen tree trunk across a creek why we need a summer preparedness kit

I’m also the kind of mom who never has a tissue or a towel. I’m the mom whose kids end up without pants at the end of the play date. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had to borrow a diaper. 

I used to be embarrassed about never being prepared, but then I discovered there are other types of moms who love to come to my rescue and feel useful and proud of the fact that they are a fully stocked mom. Nevertheless, I still would like to be better prepared, which is why the Summer Preparedness Kit is a lifesaver for me!kid in a fallen hole

I use a backpack but you could keep yours in anything: a tote, a two gallon zip lock bag, a laundry basket.

In the Summer Preparedness Kit I keep: 

Clean underwear




Wipes to go


First aid kit

I also have a tote for wet clothes and muddy shoes to help keep the back of the van a teensy bit tidier. 

When we hiked at Maquoketa Caves recently, the Summer Preparedness Kit has already come in handy. I can’t even begin to tell you how proud of myself I was that I actually HAD a band-aid when someone needed one, and a topical gel to help take the itch away when someone else got too close to stinging nettle. kids in a hollow tree why we need a summer preparedness kit

A Summer Preparedness Kit gives me the freedom to fully participate in all the summer fun as we come across it! It allows me to me to be spontaneous without a second thought! What else would you keep in a Summer Kit?




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