Our Three Favorite Subscription Boxes


As a family, we love doing projects and creative things. We have subscribed to several different subscription boxes for kids over the year. While being quarantined, these are the top three mom and kid-approved subscription boxes that we love. Our son Joshua gravitates towards all things STEM and these boxes have given us creative and unique experiments that allow us to incorporate fun and learning. If you struggle with finding fun things to do that do not include a screen, these are boxes the whole family can enjoy together.


  1. Kiwi Co $24.95 free shipping, deluxe crate available that includes a box that corresponds to that month’s project

Kiwi Co is our favorite because it has the most options available- there is a box for all ages.  Kiwi Co has a Panda Crate which is good for 0-24 months.  We get the Kiwi Crate which is 5-8.  They also have more technical crates for those 9 and up. We have been subscribed on and off since Joshua was a toddler.  He is 8 now but still loves this box. This past weekend we learned about symmetry and put together a Kaleidoscope. He was able to put it together almost totally independently- everything you needed was in the box. I helped peel stickers off the mirrors for the inside of the Kaleidoscope and decorate a wheel that went on the bottom. The projects have super easy to read steps and learning opportunities.  Each crate is themed-our newest box that our 9-year-old is working on this week is teaching kids about the human body. Get $10 off your first box 

  1. Toucan Box 

Toucan Box is more arts and crafts with some element of learning incorporated in the projects. Each month has a different theme and all the things needed for the project. Some of the past projects included making and decorating a stocking around Christmas time, and one was a dream catcher which was one of Joshua’s favorites. Interested in trying it out? Save 50% off your first box


  1. Womplebox $24.95 a month plus shipping

 Each Womplebox covers a different geographic area and has a project, readings, and other items for the area. Want to try it out? Groupon has a 3-month membership available for $59 and if you have Groupon Select you save 25% off making it $44.25 for 3 months of boxes. It was a great deal for basically a Summer of boxes.  Take kids on a screen-free exploration of different countries.



Bonus Box:


Sensory Thera Play Box

My son Joshua is on the spectrum and this was the first box I found that is dedicated to sensory play at home. I had to try it out and see if we could find new things that could fun and help him when he gets a sensory overload-which has happened more frequently during the quarantine.  I wasn’t thrilled with the value and cost, but who would have known that a Squishy Octopus would provide such a good response?! Squeezing it and the sensory input from the tentacles was extremely relaxing for him.  A flinging frog game has provided hours of play while it helps strengthen his fine motor skills.




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