4 Creative Crafts For Kids to Stay Busy at Home


Reeling in and engaging our little chaos creators can be a challenging task sometimes. We present to you four  creative crafts for kids to help them learn, have fun, and stay busy with simple household items repurposed!

Sidewalk Chalk

Any project that the rain can clean up for me is a win in my book! One of our creative crafts for kids is just that!

Chalk’s main ingredient is calcium carbonate. In manufacturing, this super versatile mineral is derived from limestone deposits, but you can also find calcium carbonate in your fridge,or maybe you have your own flock of calcium carbonate creators in your backyard!eggshells for making homemade sidewalk chalk creative crafts with kids

In this recipe you’ll need 6-10 egg shells to make one big stick of chalk or a couple small ones.

  • Clean, dry and then mash the shells until you have a fine powder,
  • add 1 tsp of plain flour,
  • 1 tsp of hot water, 
  • a Tbsp of egg powder,
  • for color, add your favorite color of food dye.
  • Mold your paste into whatever shape you want and let sit for 3 days rolled up in a paper towel to dry. (You can also speed dry in the oven on low heat for approximately 90 minutes, then let sit for 1 day).

Mashing the shells when we tried this was quite the task, I have seen recommendations online for using a coffee grinder or a mortar and pestle to make it easier!

Seed Paper

Make and decorate a seed paper card, gift tag or note card for someone! Seed paper is literally paper with seeds embedded into it, plant it like you would an ordinary seed, the paper will dissolve away and your plant or flower will grow!

  • Grab some old paper. I’ve read that newspaper works great.
  • Tear into small pieces and then place in a blender,add water to submerge the paper and blend until you have a smooth, soupy pulp.
  • Gently add seeds and stir-not blend, them in.
  • Strain excess water out of the mixture.
  • Spread the mixture thinly out on an absorbent fabric surface and allow it to dry.
  • Press down on the mixture with a sponge to soak up the excess water. When it’s dry, it’s ready to use!how to make seed paper creative crafts with kids

Cloud Dough

How to make cloud dough is one of our favorite creative crafts for kids. It’s a simpler one if you’re just looking for a quick activity. My kids love the texture of this silky soft dough.

  • Mix 2 cups cornstarch and 1 cup baby lotion.
  • Add some food coloring if you’d like.

I found I had to add a bit more lotion to get it to a softer, less crumbly texture. If you’re not about the mess, toss some of the cloud dough in a balloon and make yourself a small, squishy stress ball!

Woven Bracelet

My last one is a lot less messy (and would even be a car ride friendly activity) but calls for some dexterity more appropriate for grade school age children and older. Grab 3 to 5 plastic straws, depending on how wide you want the bracelet to be and cut the straws to the desired length you want the bracelet or anklet to be. Tape one end of the straws together. Cut 3 pieces of string that are double the length of the straws, place through the straws and tie a knot in the top on the side with the tape. weaving with straws creative crafts to do with kidsChoose your yarn and tie it to the first straw then begin an over-under weaving pattern, at the end, wrap the yarn around the straws and make a knot, slide the straws out and you’re done!

Happy crafting! Let us know in the comments which of these creative craft ideas for kids you tried!


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