Simple Self Care Strategies


Setting aside time and making intentional choices to promote one’s physical, spiritual and emotional well being can be difficult. Especially as most of us learn to navigate our children’s new school routines and all the other unknowns we seem to be facing day after day. Some days it’s hard not to feel as if we are stuck in survival mode.

Integrating small, mindful tasks into your day is a great way to start making self care more of a priority in our busy lives! It doesn’t need to be a day at the spa or a candlelit yoga session, although if it is, that’s amazing too!

simple self care

Self care is personal, self care is whatever you want self care to be! Decreasing stress and increasing overall emotional well being has a multitude of health benefits and can positively impact the way we perceive and respond to future situations, decreasing our vulnerability to negative behaviors and thought patterns. It can also sharpen your memory, concentration and increase creativity! There’s no right or wrong way to practice self care and you can find a million and one ways to do it online, in books or blogs like this one! It’s all about recognizing your needs and making yourself a priority.

These are simple things that may help you as they have helped me. Use this as an inspiration to find ways to incorporate self care into your daily routine.

Some weeks, we spend a lot of time in the car. From running errands to the mundane work commute. This is a perfect time to practice a little self care or self growth! Turn on a podcast from your favorite educator or entertainer. Try learning a few simple words in a different language, just remember to always keep your focus on the road!

One thing to remember is self care is not selfish! If you need to take a mindless TV break in the middle of the day to preserve your sanity, take it! If lunch will be a little late so you can finish your at home pedi, that’s perfectly ok! Other things I do to give me a midday boost is organize something or redecorate a part of a room. Add a plant or something fun, (because that means a trip to Target and or the local greenhouse is in order too!)

Connect with people, text a friend or visit with a loved one. “Clean” your social media accounts and follow more positive, uplifting people or pages. Get outside, even if it’s just for a quick 5 minute walk around the house. Perform a random act of kindness. Plan a little fall day trip somewhere fun with the family. 

As I get older, one thing that I enjoy that I never thought I would is to wake up early! An early morning walk to watch the sunrise and sip on coffee or tea in the quietness of nature is a great way to start the day, maybe squeeze in a brief work out or practice some mindfulness or squeeze in a few chapters in your favorite book!

It doesn’t really matter what you do! Just remember to take time during the day to take care of you! You are a relentless rockstar and important too! Make an effort to incorporate small changes and make yourself a priority, YOU deserve it!



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