Teens are not always the easiest to buy for, but it sure is fun to find that just right gift to make them smile. I asked mine to come up with some ideas.  Here are the top ten teen gift ideas from Grace (16) and Luke (14): 

  1. LED lights – $30.  These trendy lights have gained fame on Tik Tok. They come in various lengths – from a few feet for behind the TV to long enough to go around the whole room. The teens can’t get enough of these fun gift ideas – they want the 65′ ones!  
  2. The Comfy – $40 on Comfy.com, $25 at Costco in store. Ever want a blanket you can wear? No? Then you’re not a teenager. These are all the rage. It’s a Sherpa-lined oversize hooded wearable blanket.  Great for sleeping the day away or watching Netflix. One size fits all.  
  3. Stickers – made famous by all the VSCO girls in 2019, they are fun to personalize anything from hydroflasks, to laptops and can even be room decor. They come in a variety of trendy themes and pop culture references.  Amazon has great collections ($7-10), or you can find a million fun teen gift ideas at Red Bubble ($2-5/each). 
  4. Wireless charger – lots of options $11-25. For teens too busy to actually plug in their phone, get them a wireless charger for the home or car. Only for iPhones 8 and up. Now they will have no excuse for not answering that text from you.   
  5. Karaoke wireless microphone – $31. Used for carpool Karaoke, when you need to have a dance party in the car, or in your backyard.  Your teens can sing along with their friends to their favorite songs.  Great for a road trip, or months of quarantine.  
  6. Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker  – $30. If you are tired of supporting your teen’s Starbucks habit, get them this.  It’s an easy way for them to make their own refreshing coffee treats.  Has been a little hard to find due to recent Tik Tok fame, but I did catch one at Target earlier this week.  
  7. Spikeball – $35. Combine volleyball with a mini trampoline and you get Spikeball, an endless amount of summer fun at home or on the beach.  Definitely a popular and fun teen gift idea! 
  8. Mini fridge – $40 Amazon, $20 at Menards in-store. These tiny fridges sit on a desk where your kids can keep their own stash of soda and snacks. You may never see them again.  The mini fridge is also promoted as a great place to keep your skincare products cold.  Does anyone do this? 

    Photo credit Grace Gustafson
  9. Fuzzy throw blankets – $8-35. Don’t we all just want fuzzy throw blankets? The fluffier the better. Perfect for hours of Netflix watching, if the Comfy is in the wash. An easy gift everyone will love. A teen can’t have too many, I am told.  Best price we found was $8 at Costco in-store.  Best online deal was the “Big One” at Kohls for $10 with coupons.  
  10. Polaroid or Fuji Instax instant camera  – kit with film and accessories $110. They’re back!  A great way to capture memories. Your teens can print them out right away and stick them on their gallery wall or give them to friends.  All you need is film, and lots of it! 

If all else fails, we know teens love the gift of cash and gift cards. Their desires often seem to far outweigh their income, or lack thereof. I love picking out the perfect gift, but when I see how much happiness and independence a cash gift or gift card bring to a teen, I try to remember what it was like before I had my first job.  

Here are some other fantastic ways to connect with your teens over the holidays.  

What gifts do you plan to give your teens this year?  

pinterest graphic 10 fun gift ideas for teens

Augustana College brought Rachel to the Quad Cities as a student, and she has stayed here ever since making Rock Island her home. Rachel works full-time as the Associate Director of Admissions at Augustana, and is raising three kids, Grace (17), Luke (15) and Claire (10). Her husband Bill teaches art at Rock Island High School and is a freelance artist doing murals, caricatures and architectural renderings. Rachel enjoys being involved with her kids' sports activities, and also is an advocate for JDRF (the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) in support of her daughter with Type 1 Diabetes. She also loves to plan awesome vacations and adventures with her family, and leaves the beach most of all.


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