A New Year, A New Resolution to REALLY Reach Your Goals


I have never been so burned out going into a new year.  I do like the opportunity start the new year with starting something new. And this year, we need that more than ever. I feel like I’m failing at everything, that everything is just too. much. I know I need to make a resolution to really reach my goals, and even that seems too daunting.

In the past, I have loved the opportunity to start anew with anything that I wanted. Sometimes it has been a health challenge, other times a pledge to do good deeds, or perhaps to read more.

Whatever the topic, January 1st offers an opportunity to do some soul-searching and decide on something you want to change in your life. I have found over and over again in life that change is hard at first, when I persevere I am so proud of myself, and I greatly appreciate all my hard work to really reach my goals in the end.

Here are a few strategies that I have used in the last few years when it comes to really reaching your goals and resolutions and strengthening your willpower.

new year new resolution how to really reach your goals


Make yourself accountable with family and friends.

Don’t be shy about what you are trying to improve upon share your resolution/goal with family and friends so they can support and encourage you. Trust me, the positive affirmations from your loved ones will pour in to really help you reach your goals. They will also give you a sense of accountability and can be a great “check-in” system for you. I post on social media if I really want to not be able to wiggle out of something.

Post your resolution around your house.

The first place I go after waking up in the morning is the bathroom. What better way to start the day than with seeing my goal on the mirror? I wrote my goal on a small piece of cardstock and taped it to my mirror. Every day I would begin my day seeing my goal. This also helps with accountability because other members of your family will see it too. You can tell them to ask you about it periodically. In order to really reach your goals, you need to keep them in the forefront of your thinking every day you take action. 

Create an inspiration board.

No matter what you are working towards, you can create an inspiration board. Sitting down and pulling pictures or motivational statements that support your goal can be a great motivator. When you go on Pinterest to look up inspiration boards, don’t let yourself be sucked into making the perfect board to really reach your goals. Maybe your board is filled with pictures of the places you’d like to go when you get out of debt or full of outfits you’ll wear when you’re working your dream job. Whatever your goals are, an inspiration board can help keep you motivated to really reach your goals.  new year new resolution how to really reach your goals

Have a weekly meeting with yourself.

This can be hard. Making time for yourself can be easily pushed to the side when the kids are screaming, the laundry is piling up, and you’re exhausted from a long day. This is a great opportunity to praise yourself, give yourself a pat on the back, and look at the great work you have done. During this “meeting”, reflect back on what worked in the past week and what didn’t, get pumped up with your inspiration board, and re-commit to your goal. There will be bad days and bad weeks where you feel like giving up, and maybe you did a tiny bit. Know you can jump back on the work train at anytime and really reach your goals.

Keep track of your successes.

I have found great benefit to keeping track of the small think I can do each day. I use a dotted grid or graph paper and draw lines to represent each day of the month. Let’s say I have the goal of reading the Bible with my kiddlets every week day. Then when I do that goal, I get to color in that little box. It is so incredibly rewarding to look back at all the colored squares and see how far I’ve come. Before I know it, it’s a habit, and I don’t need to color boxes anymore.

How do you stay committed to your goals and resolutions?


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