Super Bowl Bingo (for people not super into football!)


There’s a big game on today! You may not be super into football or even the Super Bowl but chances are it will be on at your house. If it is and you want to hang with your family, we’ve got a solution to help keep you entertained! Super Bowl Bingo is just the ticket!

Enter Super Bowl Bingo

football game bingo super bowl bingo card
Click on image to print off one Super Bowl Bingo Card.

Maybe you’re just here for the snacks. Maybe you just like the commercials. Our Superbowl Bingo will make this evening more fun for you and the kids!

Maybe you’re not super knowledgeable about football. Our football bingo card will help with that as well!

Looking for football bingo cards that are perfect for a football watching party or the Super Bowl? These football bingo cards are a great option for helping kids learn more about the game OR for adults who want to play bingo based on game plays rather than commercials or actual objects in the game! 

football game bingo superbowl
clicking on this image will give you a FAMILY FOUR PACK of different football bingo cards

If you’d like to get a little competitive, clicking on the image below will take you to a family four pack of different football bingo cards to download and print off.

Superbowl Bingo Cards

Before I had kids I spent a lot of time in sports bars watching football on all the channels. Many of us absolutely love football! We’ve done parties during college play-offs, NFL play-offs, and of course Super Bowl. It’s ill advised to have some friends come over for a football party. But in your own family you while you watch the game, play football bingo.

Football Bingo Supplies

Football bingo is one of the easiest games because you really just need a few things.

  • Printable football bingo card
  • Markers of some sort
  • Prizes for the winners (if you want)

How To Play Football Bingo

Each of the cards is filled with things that you’ll either see players do, typical football penalties, and things that you’d see while watching a college or pro football game.

See it during the game, mark it off with a marker – either a real marker, or edibles like goldfish or m&m’s and the first one to get a bingo wins! Just make sure to have plenty of “markers” on hand if they’re edible because if you’re like my kids, you’ll eat all of your goldfish before you get a bingo.

You could also play our version of Superbowl bingo digitally by simply screenshotting one of the bingo cards and marking it off on your phone.

Not sure what a bingo is? It’s five across in any direction – horizontal, vertical, or diagonal! super bowl bingo football bingo




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