THE Summer Bucket List For MOMS


If you have been on Pinterest for any length of time, you have seen the different seasonal bucket lists floating around. I’ve never seen a summer bucket list specifically for moms.

I, myself, try to do a Summer Bucket List and a Super Summer Challenge with my own kids. One of my besties has an amazing list of things her kids can choose to do independently when they’re bored, and a list of jobs they have to choose from to do when they say “I’m bored.” I also found a bucket list to do with your significant other (which included painting each other’s glorious naked bodies if you want to try that!).

But I’m afraid this summer I just don’t have the energy for that. I’m discovering I put the family far above myself for far too long and now I’m paying the price for it. I need to practice better self care, which in turn, enables me to be a better wife and mom. I put together a summer bucket list for moms, some of which do include activities to do with my kids in an effort to reclaim my child self and stop being such a mom all the time.

moms summer bucket list hula hoop dancing

I hope you too can embrace your inner child and put yourself first sometimes this summer. Note that we also have a free printable of our summer bucket list for moms to help you keep these ideas in front of your eyes as a reminder.  Let me know what you would add!

  1.  Eat your food outside. Al fresco, if you will.
  2. Learn something new! One year I took hoop dancing lessons. I hope to learn Latin this summer.
  3.  Read a book in the hammock. Anything by Kristin Hannah is a great choice, if it’s been a while since you read a book.
  4. Wade in a stream. I recommend Scott County Park.
  5.  Plan a sleepover with your friends. Find a cheap, local Airbnb. Just be you for the night.
  6. Go for walks. Extra bucket points if you manage to walk alone.
  7. Be creative! A friend shared how cathartic and relaxing it was when she used her kids’ watercolors and made a card.
  8. Try something new! Like goat yoga. Iowa goat yoga.    Illinois goat yoga.
  9. Lie in the grass and eat cherries. Spit the pits.
  10. Steal your children’s toys. I especially suggest scooters and pogo sticks.
  11. summer bucket list moms pogo stickKiss someone under a sprinkler.
  12. Check out the action at the Quad City’s newest live theater, Spotlight Theatre!
  13. Drive out to the country, lie on a picnic blanket, and watch the stars.
  14. Lock yourself in your room and do something which doesn’t require electricity.
  15. Finish taking down Christmas decorations. Oh wait, just me?
  16. Get the haircut you have always wanted, but have never been brave enough to try.
  17. Have a watermelon seed spitting contest.
  18. Make conversation with a total stranger. Compliment them and ask a question. I guarantee that making someone’s day will also make yours!
  19. Spend a rainy day at a locally owned cafe. I really love Dead Poet’s Espresso and Olive Tree Cafe.
  20. Enjoy yourself. I know it sounds trite, but where ever you are, be all there, and you really will be able to reclaim your childhood and love your life more.

Don’t forget to get our free printable! You’ll love writing in your own ideas as you create your personalized summer bucket list for moms!


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