Back to School Interview + a FREE Printable!


Filling out a back to school interview each year is fun keepsake! It’s a sweet little activity to do together too as you start getting back into the school year mindset. Our back to school interview can give a child a space to talk with you about any worries or concerns they may have about the upcoming school year too.

If you’re a teacher, you could do this as a class. You could even do it again at the end of the year to see what has changed. 

Obviously, you can print them out for your kids. If you print them out for home, you could save them each year, and see how your kids’ answers (and handwriting!) change. It’s like a little time capsule.

You could also ask them the questions on a video and then at graduation, compile the videos together to see the child grow and change before your eyes.

 I designed two options for  back to school year printable interview so you can have a tangible memory of just how fast they grow!back to school interview printable


You can do the back to school interview printables any time, even if school has already started.  The point is to capture their precious little personalities each year.

 Even if your child has been in school for a few years already, it’s never too late to start the tradition of the back to school interview. You can fill in the chalk board one with a gel pen, a white marker, or white crayon.


A keepsake bin is the perfect place to store completed back to school interviews!  You can put the interview page in the front of the folder for the corresponding grade level.  Then the artwork for that year goes behind it. 

You could also scan the completed interview or take a photo of it and put it in a digital photo book as their school year book. An app I LOVE is Tiny Scanner; it’s useful for making photos PDFs and has come in handy innumerable times. 

Another option is simply to put the completed back to school interview in a page protector and then a three ring binder that you could keep for each child’s artwork and special papers from the year. 

What’s your favorite back-to-school tradition?


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