Ten Ways to Bless your Child’s Teacher this School Year


With a new school year starting and the promise of normalcy(ish) on the horizon, it’s time to think about how to encourage and bless your child’s teacher as they take on the challenge of teaching in a post-lock down world. Teachers always deserve our support and encouragement, but this school year especially, it’s time to make it clear that we are in their corner. Here are some back to school ideas to get you started!

  • Send in notes from your child (& from you!) naming specific skills or attributes about the teacher that they love. The more specific, the better! 
  • Donate extra classroom supplies, because we know teachers are spending too much of their paycheck filling in the gap for what is needed. 

Donated disinfecting wipes

  • Give them the benefit of the doubt and assume the best about them–the story your child tells you *may not* always be the truth. Listen with the intent of understanding all sides, when there is a potential conflict or issue. 
  • Nominate your child’s teacher for awards recognition or classroom grants. Both private & public praise mean a lot!
  • Offer to volunteer in the classroom for reading time, extra cleaning, class parties, field trips or just simply so that they can take a bathroom break! A happy teacher means a happy classroom, so the less weight they have on their shoulders, the better. Lord knows the state is not going to alleviate any burdens, so if you want your child taught by a person who has less stress, be a part of why they have less stress. 
  • Attend Parent/Teacher conferences with the goal of getting these questions answered: How can I support you and my child as you navigate this school year? Is there anything we can be doing at home to support your classroom efforts better? 

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  • Remember: Your lack of planning is not the teacher’s emergency. If you needed a question answered or a form filled out or an email answered and you waited until the last second to get them this info, do not pass that procrastination on as their problem. Plan ahead or just know–if you did not, it’ll probably be late! Better yet–schedule a short meeting with your child’s teacher if something more than a, “hey how are you” conversation needed! 
  • Find out their favorite snacks and treats to surprise them with periodically.

Teacher Appreciation Cookie Cake

  • Be a part of your school’s PTA or PTO organization to make the largest group impact, which benefits the entire school as a whole! (Fundraisers and Teacher Appreciation Week are two key things to hit!)
  • Be flexible. This year especially, school staff will feel like they are trying to get their sea legs back. I don’t mean look the other way if poor teaching practices are taking place. I mean, if communication is a bit wonky at times or teachers need to course correct sometimes, give grace. We all need more it in 2021. 

Here’s to a wonderful 2021//2022 school year! May we all stay happy and healthy and, *fingers crossed*, in school for the entire school year! Thank you to all of our nations teachers and school administration for continuing to be our heroes. Our kids love you and can’t wait to be back with you!

Also, we’d like to apologize in advance for our kid’s homeschool teacher during COVID. That was how we did math in the 80’s and 90’s. #shrug

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Anything we’re missing, teacher friends? Comment below with your ideas, tips and advice on how to be an encouragement!

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