Make THIS the Best Halloween Yet: 4 Tips for Success





1. Let Them Pick Their Costume.

  • For most parents, this seems like a no brainer. But if you’re a control freak like myself, you like to plan things way ahead of time. That’s worked fine in the past, but now that my children are getting older, I’m learning they have their OWN opinions. I know, it’s crazy, right?
  • This is the first year my son really cares about his costume. Before he was just excited to wear whatever I picked out for him. Like a lot of four year old little boys he chose to be a super hero. While the cheaply made spider man costume we bought at Target would never have been my first pick, I’m gonna roll with it because it brings him so much excitement and happiness. I’m learning to let go slowly. And it’s not like I was about to dust off my sewing machine to make one, I’m not skilled like that.

2. Go Easy On the Schedule.

  • With three kids under the age of four, my goal for making it through the whole neighborhood is shot. I’m setting my expectations really low, if we can make it down both of our streets without a meltdown I’ll be thrilled. Just getting out and watching them have fun is the best part anyway.

3. Meet New Neighbors, Be Friendly.

  • My favorite part about trick or treating is that it brings my whole neighborhood out, especially those who live around us that we barely know. I love getting to meet new people and develop relationships with them, and what better way than with kids and candy?

4. Let Them Eat Candy.

  • I don’t know what your family is like but most days I try to make an effort to monitor what goes into my kids mouth. We are far from perfect and some days just managing to feed them anything (doesn’t matter how processed) is a higher priority. Generally speaking we try to eat well, so on occasion I try to relax a little when it’s candy time. I usually try and let them pick out a certain number of pieces to eat at a time, and then put the rest away. Usually it becomes forgotten all together because they’re still little. Of course, I will never forget there is a bag of chocolate bars sitting in my pantry. Hello, Snickers bar! And God bless my children for bringing candy home!
What are some other fun suggestions  or activities you do with your kids for Halloween?



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