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Becky Clark

Becky Clark
Becky Clark is a local Rock Island mama to 2 kids--ages 10 and 6. Becky has been married to her high school best friend, Derek, since 2005. Becky and Derek have been Quad Citians for 10 years, although they originally hail from the northern Chicago suburbs. Becky is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and provides therapy services part time at South Park Psychology in Moline as a contracted private practice clinician. She also teaches Social Worker courses online for Ashford University. Becky is very active as a volunteer at the kid's school as well as at their home church, Bethany Baptist in Moline. Becky loves spending time with her family, friends and her church family. She also enjoys being a tourist in her own town, reading, crafting and volunteering for ALL the things--much to her husband's dismay. The Clarks hope to add a furry {baby} family member to their brood this summer, ensuring that no one will ever sleep again. To follow Becky's clinical therapy business on Instagram, visit her at: https://www.instagram.com/12stonescounseling/ To schedule a psychotherapy session with Becky for you or your family member, call South Park Psychology in Moline at 309-797-2900 and ask to be scheduled with Rebekah Clark

Love in the Time of COVID

Is it just me, or has it been a tough year to connect with people? Our usual sources of community have not been as available to us during the pandemic. Even with the people...
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Werk! Goal setting like a BOSS–even if you’ve already failed.

It’s that time of the year where people are making New Year's Resolutions, or “setting intentions” or picking a word for the year. Whatever we call it, January is famous for declared personal changes....
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I wish you a Controlling Christmas

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Balancing the Extravagance of the Season

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Let’s put “Karen” to bed together. Shall we?

Back in 2016, when the idea of “Karen” first became popular, we all thought it was funny, right? For those who may not know, a “Karen” is middle-aged white woman who complains to the...
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Cozy Fall Recipes to try this Weekend!

Fall is in the air and I LOVE it! Sweaters, crisp breeze through the window, pumpkin everything, cider, football and comfort food. There is nothing like autumn in the Midwest! It’s like a deep,...
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Pandemic Puppy & the lessons we’ve learned

During the pandemic, it’s either add a pregnancy, a few pounds or a puppy, right? Well, the first is definitely not happening and I chose to live in denial about the second. But the...
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Parenting out of Strength and not Fear

If you are anything like me, as a first time parent, I was terrified of messing up. Of doing everything wrong. Fear is a hard emotion to be vulnerable with, so it more often...
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Stress-Free Meal Planning: Feeding the masses without losing your mind.

During this weird time in history, Facebook has been riddled with memes about having to feed all the people, ALL.THE.TIME. If you feel like the short-order cook at your house, it's probably not your...
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A Day in the Life of a Therapist

Therapist is a very broad term, even in the mental health world. The biggest difference is between agency mental health work and private practice. Even with those differences, this is pretty much how your...

Relationships: Have we learned?

What is it about a pandemic that causes us to take stock of a few things? For many of us, we've used this time to both mourn the loss of relationship as well as...
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National Teacher Appreciation Week, COVID-Style!

Do you know what our teachers and administrators are doing right now? Working ALL.THE.TIME. The beauty of technology is that during a health crisis, our educational system can still deliver quality curriculum right into...
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