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Courtney Ziegler

special needs adoption during covid

An Adoption Tale: Part 2

By now you would think I would know not to compare one pregnancy to another. They are never the same. Even when you think you know how things will go, a curveball hits and...
special needs adoption girl with down syndrome and paint all over her hands

An Adoption Tale: Part 1

My journey with Lucy begins a little differently than the others. You see, I was never pregnant with Lucy. She's our story of special needs adoption. I never expected to have a “typical” baby...
positives of the pandemic homemade teeter totter

Positives of a Pandemic

I'm trying to think of positives of the pandemic and be encouraging to my people, but I keep hearing “I’m bored.”“There’s nothing to do.”“I’m hungry (again)”As a mother to 9 active children, I’ve heard these...
postpartum depression

When Silence ISN’T Golden: Postpartum Depression

What do you see when you look at this picture? It’s a celebratory birthday drink! Lovely kitchen. Huge smile. A woman who has her act together. It’s exactly what I wanted the picture to...
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