Erin H. is the wife to Joe and momma to Harper (October 2011). When she isn't playing the wife/mom role she loves to read a good book, spend time with friends and family, and sip on a glass of wine. Erin came to the QC from the burbs of Chicago and has loved the journey of making the QC her home. You can read more about Erin on her personal blog.
valentine's ideas for when you're married and cheap

“Outside the Box” Valentine’s Ideas When You’re Married

Over the years, Valentine's Day has lost a lot of the appeal that it once held to me. I think once you become married you realize that it truly is a day that the...

ways to pamper pregnant mommas

I have officially entered my last trimester and am feeling good. With each passing day I am watching this baby grown and life is changing in front of my eyes. I have been overwhelmed...

the inspire motherhood conference {giveaway closed}

Awhile back I started looking into a conference that I could attend for being a mommy. I remember the days from the workforce and attending conferences and workshops and how they would encourage, motivate...

making the tranisition from “only child” to “sibiling”

I am beyond excited and grateful to share with the QCMB crew that come July, the Haluska family will be going from a family of 3 to 4!!!! Thankful doesn't begin to express how we...

a new year a new resolution

I have never been a big fan of new years. Even before I was married with kids it seemed like a holiday to me with a lot of hype but one that never really...

helpful hosting tips for the holiday season

It's December, I can't believe it and I can. Time seems to happen so fast and one of my favorite things during the holidays really anytime of the year is hosting family and friends...

why mom friends rock

All moms need mom friends. Day in, day out moms are faced with endless demands, ups and downs, good times and bad and they must balance it all with love, grace, patience and a gentle...

purposely planning family time

photo taken by Bearfoot Photography Lately, I have felt like every night there is something to do or someplace to go.  During the day, there are errands and jobs around the house to accomplish, and weekends...

my road to journaling

I have always loved going into bookstores. When I was a little girl, it was one of my favorite things to do with my mom. We would get stacks of books and sit next...

budget-friendly beauty solutions

  I have something to admit: I am an addict. A beauty product junkie. My bathroom drawers are filled with different kinds of creams, lotions, sprays and solutions to do various things to make my...

filling the mom tank

With kids heading back to school (although mine is only 2), it is the perfect time to re-energize for the rest of the year. If you are anything like me, after a summer of...

jlqc: i am 5k

5 years ago I joined Junior League of the Quad Cities to meet new people, and spend time volunteering in the Quad City area. Little did I know that the organization would not only...
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