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Jen DeMay

mindful ways to save money

Not So Boring, Mindful Ways to Save money

I'm always down for mindful ways to save money but lets face it, some of us weren't made for spreadsheets and budgets. Tips like cutting out stops at my favorite coffee shop are just...
winter slow cooker recipes

Winter Seasonal Slow Cooker Ideas To Try

The season for slow cooker everything is upon us! There’s nothing better than coming home on a cold winter day to the smell of homemade soup or a cinnamon soaked dessert dancing through the...
hidden blessings of 2020 photo shows a 2020 calendar and cup of coffee

2020: The Year of Hidden Blessings

As the year 2020 comes to an end and the dust settles, I find myself reflecting on the last 11 months. This is a year I'm sure not many of us will be quick...
simple self care strategies for moms

Simple Self Care Strategies

Setting aside time and making intentional choices to promote one’s physical, spiritual and emotional well being can be difficult. Especially as most of us learn to navigate our children's new school routines and all...
road trips with kids dad car and child sunset silhouette

What I Have Learned About Road Trips with Kids

Every year, we pack up our kids (and half the house it seems like) in the truck and go to a place we’ve never been before. Road trips with two kids under the age...
creative crafts with kids

4 Creative Crafts For Kids to Stay Busy at Home

Reeling in and engaging our little chaos creators can be a challenging task sometimes. We present to you four  creative crafts for kids to help them learn, have fun, and stay busy with simple...
look up at the night sky astronomy for families

Astronomy for Families

Kids are naturally curious about everything, including the night sky. Astronomy for families is easier and more fun than you might think! We have an entire universe of planets, stars and galaxies always right...
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